What is CBD Oil?

Have you ever heard of CBD oil or cannabis oil? As the name suggests, this oil is extracted from the cannabis plant. Oil with the name Cannabidiol oil is believed to have a myriad of health benefits. You can find various information about CBD oil at About NatreLeaf.

The cannabis plant is included in the group of addictive substances that, if consumed, can cause dependence, intoxication, and withdrawal reactions. Long-term use of marijuana is associated with problems in the brain and triggers mental disorders, such as psychosis, depression, and cognitive decline.

However, CBD oil is different from the cannabis plant. CBD oil is a non-toxic compound extracted from the cannabis plant (Cannabis sativa). CBD oil has low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels.

THC compounds are what generally cause hangovers and dependence. That is why, even though it comes from the cannabis plant, CBD oil or cannabis oil will not cause dependence.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Health

1. Helps Reduce Pain
Various studies have shown that one of the benefits of CBD oil can help reduce pain caused by joint inflammation, muscle pain, and post-surgical pain. Although not a primary therapy, cannabis oil can help reduce pain.

2. Helps Overcome Epilepsy
For a long time, cannabis oil has been used to help treat neurological diseases such as epilepsy. A study published in the Journal of Molecules in 2019 showed that the frequency of seizures in epilepsy patients treated with CBD oil was reduced, even seizure-free.

3. For Cancer
Although not a primary therapy, cannabis oil can help reduce the rate at which cancer progresses. A study shows that CBD oil can inhibit the progression of various types of cancer, including breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer.

4. Reducing Anxiety Disorders
Anxiety disorders and depression are common mental disorders and can reduce the quality of life. Well, one of the benefits of CBD oil is that it reduces the anxiety experienced by patients with anxiety disorders. A Brazilian study showed that in study subjects who received cannabis oil, stress, and anxiety levels were significantly reduced.

5. Addressing Substance Addiction
The impact of cannabis oil on drug dependence has been investigated. CBD oil is known to modify the pathways in the brain associated with drug addiction. The oil extracted from the cannabis plant reduces dependence on morphine and heroin. Although further research is needed, these results are certainly a bright spot for drug dependence treatment.