Know More About Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a construction assistant in building works. Scaffolding is made when the building work has reached a height of 2 meters and cannot be reached by workers. Usually, scaffolding is in the form of a modular system of metal pipes or tubes, although other materials can also be used. In several Asian countries such as China and Indonesia, bamboo is still used as a scaffold. If you want to hire our scaffold, you can visit the best steel scaffold tower on our website.

Scaffolding is usually used for several types of large-scale work. Some of these types of work include the construction of multi-story buildings such as hotels, apartments, shopping centers, offices, and many others.

The scaffolding itself is made of iron pipes which are shaped in such a way that they have the strength to support the loads above them. In working on a project, whether or not scaffolding is needed may depend on the project owner. This is due to the difference between the cost of using bamboo and scaffolding. Scaffolding is used as a substitute for bamboo in building a project. The advantage of using this scaffolding is cost savings and time efficiency of scaffolding installation.

There are three basic types:
Supported scaffolds, which are platforms supported by posts, which are equipped with other supports such as joints, legs, frames, and outriggers
Suspended scaffolds, namely platforms hanging by ropes or other
Aerial Lifts, support for lifting like “Man Baskets”

Scaffolding Function

As a place to work that is safe for workers so that work safety is guaranteed.
As a protection for other workers, such as workers below, they must be protected from falling materials or tools.

Not only to obey the way of the state, by imitating scaffolding training, but workers are also able to gain basic understanding and capacity for planning, planning, controlling, and justifying activeness by using scaffolding, of course, moving protected.