Why Baseball Is Such An Interesting Sport

Baseball is a boring sport. That’s what people say. Unlike football, which is completely “fluid” and can make the audience’s body pump up the adrenaline, baseball does have a lot of breaks that make the audience have to be patient when watching it. Then, do you like baseball? What’s interesting about this game? From the various equipment, it is interesting and can even be collected. To get it, you can choose the best bats for youth baseball.

For his fans, baseball is a very interesting sport. Why? First, because in baseball, the outcome of a game can change drastically at any time.

Even when a team is five or six points ahead, they won’t be able to feel safe until the final inning because the opposing team could turn things around. Of course, for this to happen, the hitters of the team that are being left behind must be in prime condition to be able to read the direction of the opposing pitcher’s ball well, while hoping the opponent’s pitcher is in bad condition so that he throws easy balls that can be delicious food for the hitters.

Second, is because baseball also has moments that can make us cheer for joy or even get goosebumps. And these moments can be created by both the attacking (hitting) team as well as the defending team.

For the attacking team, moments like that of course come when a hitter manages to knock the ball off the field, or a home run. When a ball that is hit by a hitter manages to fly off the field (and not a foul), the hitter can run straight past bases 1, 2, and 3, and return home to give his team a point.

If the hitting team has another player who has reached base first, that player can also run past the next base and return to home. Imagine if all bases are full (bases loaded) when a batter successfully makes a homerun, it means that the hitting team will get four points at once because four players can return home at the same time. This is what came to be called the grand slam.

This is what makes the first reason possible. This is why a superior team cannot relax until the end even though they are in a big lead. One example of how a team can overturn from behind to win in the final inning via a grand slam can be seen in the video below.

Homerun, let alone a grand slam, is always a great sensation. If your team is the one who does it, the sensation of excitement will be overflowing, while if your team is the victim, the feeling of wanting to curse the pitcher can sometimes arise. But apart from the home run, other moments often get baseball fans excited, and these moments aren’t given by the attacking team, but the team that defends. That moment is the double play!

Double play, to put it simply, is the moment when the defending team can knock out two players at once. Check out this video for more details.

Imagine if your champion team did double play many times in one game. Fun.

Apart from a double play, there is also a triple play. As the name implies, here are three opposing players who are out at once. This is even more exciting.

This is what baseball is all about. Even defense can produce a play that is very pleasing to the eye. And this is one of the reasons why baseball is so interesting… .. especially for those who like it.

So, interested in starting to dive into the world of baseball?