Want A Pest-Free Green House, Check Out These Easy Tricks

Building a greenhouse may be easy for someone to do. However, taking good care and being able to produce lots of vegetables or maybe ornamental plants is not easy. Some greenhouse owners must take maximum care to make this room pest-free by using pest control in columbia sc.

Here are some tips for making a greenhouse or greenhouse pest free and everything that is planted can grow to its full potential.

Choosing the Right Plants
If you want plants that are treated in a greenhouse to be pest-free, it’s a good idea to choose the right seeds or seeds. If the seeds and seeds that are selected from the start are resistant to pests, as long as they are growing they will not be susceptible to attack. Until the harvest arrives, the crops will not be damaged.

Sought a Net to Surround the Green House
Pests can enter the greenhouse because the protection is not optimal. Therefore you are advised to use a kind of net that can prevent insects from entering. Also, by using this net, the air in the greenhouse is more awake.

Putting Limits on Certain Plants
Give limits to certain types of plants, do not combine them with other plants. For example, chili plants must be made in a cluster themselves and not mixed with flowers. This separation is done so that there is no transfer of pests from one plant to another of different types. Line it with plastic or netting.

Doing Routine Daily Checks
Perform routine checks every day. This check is carried out to see whether or not pests are attacking. Usually, the plants most susceptible to pests are chilies, mustard greens, and tomatoes. Flower plants also often experience pests and are difficult to cure when they are severe.

Performing the Isolation Process on Certain Plants
If you find a plant affected by certain pests or diseases, isolate it to cure it. Don’t get close to other plants that are still healthy. If a plant affected by a pest cannot be cured, immediately destroy it to the roots. Burn this plant and do not use the soil again until it is cleaned or sterilized.

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