This Is The Process Of Hat Production From Scratch

First, the determination of the material must come, this part is very decisive. Why? because good fabrics will produce high-value premium products, for example, good and comfortable material is a raffle or original cotton raffle. In the meantime, if you simply want to design your embroidered hat without being bothered by the production process, we suggest you order custom embroidered fitted hats from a company that can produce your design.

Second, cutting the fabric using an automatic electric machine tool that sharpens the material in the lines according to the pattern that we have prepared, in the lines using a pencil. The round snapback pattern is unique and loved by teenagers. The pattern at the front of the snapback is almost similar to baseball, but what distinguishes it is the caps at the end of the hat.

The third process is placing the logo on the front, usually using a thread embroidery machine. Why do you need embroidery? Because if you use embroidery, the results will look nicer and last longer, don’t fade like screen printing. There are 18 head automatic computer embroidery machines in general.

The next step in making a hat is sewing together the parts of the hat that have been cut using a plastic mall as a master of making baseball caps and snapbacks. Sewing a hat must have its expertise to produce a good product, comfortable and much in demand by consumers. Sewing machine equipment must function properly as much as possible when sewing machines in new conditions so that the work process is fast and maximal.

Finally, the caps are pressed using a special round cap forming machine. A round-shaped pressing machine made from steel which is made specifically for pressing hats so that they are round like a person’s head. This one process must be extra careful because the hot steel pressing machine must be skilled in running it. The hats are pressed one by one so that they are neat and fit for sale in wholesale, so they are made continuously as a food chain for all domestic marketing people to foreign countries.

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