SEO Strategies That Can Destroy Your Website

SEO is a need that must be met by all website owners. Websites will be easy to find when they have lots of visitors and have strong SEO Company. SEO here can be in the form of a keyword that readers will search for on the internet. There are many ways you can do to maximize the SEO strategy of our website. But there are times when we make mistakes that without realizing it if it is done more often it will adversely affect our own website. We can start by checking some of the things below related to our website’s SEO improvement efforts.

Buy link
One of the requirements to be able to improve SEO performance and the amount of traffic on our website is to add links to several keywords in the content that we create. This imperative is used as a business opportunity for several parties. It is not new when we find services that offer a link that will be directed to your website. We could use this service to increase the number of links and the amount of traffic on our website. But don’t you worry about the reputation that you should uphold. Are you also sure that this link selling service is related to your business? So preferably, before you decide to buy links to increase your website traffic, make sure you can do it yourself. This will further help us in increasing the amount of traffic and our business reputation.

Irrelevant content creation
When we want to create business content on the website, make it as relevant and informative as possible. Because relevant content will be easy to find when we write keywords on search engines. Relevant content will also help us increase our website traffic. However, when we write content that is not in accordance with our business, but there are keywords that we mean, then this will damage the reputation of your website. The reader will immediately close the content page, and this causes a high bounce rate for our website. And we can be sure that our website will be difficult to develop.

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