Mission Trips

Why Go?

The Lord Jesus Himself told us in Mat. 28:19 to “Go”. There have been so many people whose lives have been radically changed by God as a result of a mission trip. It is an opportunity to get outside of your own little world and get a chance to see how other people live, both with regards to their faith in God as well as their day to day lives. The question then should never be “Why would you want to take a mission trip?” But rather “Why would you NOT want to take a mission trip?” It is an incredible way to honor the Lord and allow Him to use you to make a difference in the lives of others.

What Will We Do?

Being that our primary emphasis with our mission is building relationships to share Christ, know that if you come down to work with us, you will be thrust into the community and daily lives of the people that we minister to. We are all about being “hands on” and we like to get our hands dirty. We will spend time in the community throughout the day. We will get to know the people. We will pray for them, share the message of Jesus with them, play with them, talk to them, and seek to get to know them. We will visit them in their homes, in their schools, and in their churches. We will spend our week working along side of them, serving them, and loving them. In this, you will be changed.

Our teams have done such things as: building and repairing homes, ministering to orphaned children, discipleship with the youth in the community, assisted with feeding programs, leading VBS programs at churches and schools, distributing food and clothes to those in great need, and anything else that would provide an opportunity to show the love of Jesus in both word and deed.

Our trips can be arranged to best suit what your gifts and passions are. If you want to work with your hands, we can have a week of doing home repair and construction. If your heart is simply to love on needy children, we can set up the week to minister every day to orphaned and at-risk children. And of course, we can combine many different things on a particular trip.

Teams normally come for 7 days, with one day for travel on each end, therefore it gives them a full 5 days to minister and share in the community. We also offer a full fun day or a half fun day just before the team leaves. This is an opportunity to do something fun as a group, experience leisure activity in Haiti, as well as the time to buy souvenirs to bring back home. We often go to a beautiful waterfall where we can swim, jump off cliffs, or just enjoy the sheer beauty of God’s creation. For a half day, we usually go swimming at the beach in the beautiful blue Caribbean. These fun days are always a great time to just relax after a hard 4 days of work and process all the great things that the Lord has done.

How much will it cost?

We try to make your costs as minimal as possible without sacrificing your experience. In addition to your airfare, the cost for each person is $50 per day. This includes lodging, meals, transportation, ministry expenses, etc.) There is also a one time $50 per person application processing fee that is paid to our home office in addition to a mandatory travel insurance for each person which amounts to a little more than $2 per day.

If your church is interested in taking a mission trip to serve with us, we welcome the opportunity. Please know that we are willing to help you with any of the details. Just contact us with at least three months notice so that we can help schedule and prepare for your arrival. There must be a designated Team Leader for any team. He or she will be responsible for getting all forms and monies into the home office for processing.