Orphan Care

In seeking to care for the orphans in a manner that best ministers to their needs, our vision is to develop ministries that help raise up Haitian children in God’s love and truth while providing the resources they need to grow and become people that have a positive impact on their community.

The bible states in James 1:27 “True religion that is pleasing to God our father is this: to look after orphans and widows in distress and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.” This mandate is not just to the church in America, but it also applies to the Haitian believer.

Therefore, one of the ways we minister to orphans is by working with local Haitian families in the church and helping them fulfill the biblical mandate by having them take in an orphaned child and raise he or she up as their very own. This enables that particular orphaned child the opportunity to grow up in a family as well as in a community that hopefully he or she will be able to impact over the years.

We also partner with orphanages that are staffed by Haitians so that the children are being raised up in a cultural context that will enable them to be effective in impacting their community when they get older.

We partner with Victorious Kids Orphanage in Titanyen, Haiti.  There are 18 children, 4 staff, and Oscar, the Director.  The orphanage was built just after the earthquake by the Director and his wife.  Oscar does a fantastic job raising these kids up with Christian truth, love, and discipleship.   These children are being raised in a Haitian context and are receiving the love, truth, and support that is needed for them to achieve success in their community when they get older.

In order to provide the support that is needed for both the children & families and the orphanage, we have started up a child sponsorship program.  This program is providing education, food, medical care, and other resources needed to raise these children up in a Godly way.  All of the children in our sponsorship program are being discipled on a regular basis.