Mission Teams

We host mission teams from various churches throughout the year. We believe that mission teams serve as a great way of sharing the gifts and resources that God has given each believer for His glory and for the benefit of one another. God has called His church to be on mission always and it is our desire and exceedingly great joy to facilitate the walking out of His command. Both the mission teams and the local people always experience a mutual benefit of being able to receive something that ministers to the heart of the individual as well as give something that brings glory to God.

Some may argue that mission teams often have an adverse effect on truly helping a people or an area. But we believe that utilizing mission teams can have a great effect on the people or an area as long as it is not creating an environment of dependence on things, but rather fostering a greater dependence on Christ, both for the missionary and the local. Our mission teams have been instrumental in building homes, repairing homes, sharing Christ, discipleship,  and simply bringing greater joy and hope to many through encouragement and love. We welcome such teams.