Community Development

In sharing Christ with both individuals and families, we hope to make a greater impact on the communities in which we serve. We believe that healthy communities will foster much greater opportunities for the people as well as bring a greater satisfaction in daily life. Some of the ministries that focus on community development are:

Church Partnerships

Our focus on community development often begins with the local church. It is our desire to see the local church stepping up to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ to their very own people. We recognize that overall long-term change will not so much come from our words or deeds, but rather through the words and deeds of the body that makes up the local church. Therefore, we look for churches to partner with us to help strengthen communities.

Building and Repairing Homes, Schools, and Churches

This has become a focus at this time in light of the recent earthquake that devastated much of the area. In Jacmel, thousands of people lost their homes, in addition to many schools and churches being destroyed. By the generous donations of so many to our earthquake relief fund, we have been able to build several homes for families that have lost everything. To date, we have built 9 new homes and repaired 1. We also have plans in the near future to build more homes and to help build a wall for a school that we are partnering with. We will continue to help in the re-building of our community as long as we receive funds to do so.

Children/Youth Discipleship

It is often said that the Christianity in Haiti is a mile wide and an inch deep. Many haitian people are well versed in the knowledge of God and who and what Jesus did for them, but it often does not go any further than that. Our desire is to not only share Christ with the lost, but then to lead them into deeper pasture as we teach them the bible and encourage them in their daily pursuit of Jesus. As these individual hearts are transformed, soon after a community shall be transformed.

Our mission house is also being used for a discipleship house as we have been reaching many youth in the area with the message of Jesus. Now, we are planning to start up discipleship programs in the house so that these children and youth can grow in the knowledge of grace and truth. Currently, we are ministering to a group of about 25 orphaned children each week through discipleship activities. As our staff grows, we plan to start up a discipleship program for children and youth in the community that would take place every Saturday at the mission house.

Evangelism & Outreach

The heart of the gospel is always to “go” and we aim to continue in that fashion. There are many areas in Haiti, particularly in the very rural mountain villages, where the gospel has not yet taken ground. Haiti has been steeped for the longest time in the religious practice of Voodoo. It is not even just a religion, but a mindset in many that influences their whole way of life. Our desire is to reach these areas with the truth of the gospel and see people turn away from their idols and turn to Jesus alone as their one true God.

We make it a practice to go often into new areas to share the love and truth of Jesus through various outreaches. We often show the “Jesus Movie” and then discuss in detail what it means to follow Christ. As people come to know Christ, it is our desire to help initiate a move of God in that particular place by returning for discipleship and hopeful church connection.