Leadership Development Program

If there was ever a more important investment to make to change a country for the glory of God, then I would say that it would be the investment in young leaders.  That’s why we have started a Leadership Development Program.  We recognize that by raising up young Haitian men and women into godly leaders, it will make a huge impact for the country of Haiti.  We know that ultimately the Haitian people themselves are going to be most effective in reaching their own people for Christ, therefore we are making it a priority of ours to raise up young leaders who will set the example for the next generation to follow.

Through the Leadership Development Program, we are committed to training up young men and women and releasing them into a leadership role.  We mentor them.  We study the Bible with them so that they are equipped to teach God’s Word with all people.  And we are committed to helping them further their formal education.  This is where we need your investment.

Would you please consider becoming a monthly sponsor at $50, $100, or $250 so that these young leaders have the opportunity to pursue a college education?  One of the greatest problems of Haiti today is the lack of education.  With over half the population being unable to read or write, something must be done to make a change.  Here is an opportunity to make that change.  Our young leaders have already completed studies at the English Institute and are either currently enrolled in High School or have completed High School.  These are the ones who have high aspirations of becoming doctors, lawyers, nurses, pastors, etc.  They have the desire, but in a country filled with so much poverty, they lack the resources to achieve their goals.  Would you please consider making a long term investment in the lives of these young men and women so that they can further their education and become leaders in a country that is so desperate for change?

Leaders in Training

Please let me introduce you to two young men who are the first to become part of our Leadership Training Program.  I have known Lures and Anderson for over a year now.  They serve as volunteers for our ministry to the orphaned children.  We also hire them as translators when we have teams.  They are both 21 years old, love the Lord, are very intelligent, and have a great desire to make a difference in their country for God’s glory.  They are hard workers.  They are both involved in ministries at their church as well.  Here is a little more from them in their own words:

Anderson St. Georges
Anderson reviewing the Bible lesson









Anderson St George – Sponsorship #3015-1071

“My name is Anderson Saint Georges. I am 21 years old. I live in Jacmel Haiti with my parents, and we are seven people living in the house. I am the oldest in my nuclear family. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. The house where we live has 5 rooms. It is covered with concrete, but it still in construction.  My father is a foreman mason and my mother used to work as a teacher, but she stopped teaching to stay at home to take care of the children and the house.  My parents have had to make a lot of sacrifices for us growing up so that we could get a good education.  I have always done very well at school.  I was the president of my class for six years.  The last year of high school, I was elected president of the whole student body.  Often, it was very challenging for my parents to pay the school tuition for all of us.  Even now, things are very difficult.   I wish I was in college right now, but my family cannot afford it.  In the mean time, I am talking about those difficulties in my life.  I know that God has a plan for my life and I am trusting that He will show me His plan.

I accepted Jesus in my heart when I was in the 4th grade in primary school.  I remember the day as if it was just yesterday.  Since the day I trusted Jesus, I have wanted to follow Him and try to tell others about Him.  It is very difficult in Haiti because a lot of young people do not want to accept Jesus.  But Jesus is a good friend to me and I want to follow Him always.  I want to spend my whole life serving Him and reaching out to others with His love.

One day I hope to study in college so that I can get a job that will help me make enough money to help support my family and the destitute, especially the orphans that I feel  a special love towards.  I want to get a job that will enable me to help my people.  I am uncertain about my future, but I deeply trust the Lord and I know He will provide for me as He did for Joseph.  My favorite verse is John 3:16.”


Lures Frederique
Lures teaching the children about Jesus










Jean Lures Frederique – Sponsorship #3015-1072

“My name is Jean Lures Frederique.  I am 21 years old.  For the time being, I live in Jacmel Haiti with my parents and 3 sisters and brother.  Before I moved here in Jacmel, I lived in Lamontagne, (a beautiful place in the country side).  I lived there in a wooden house with my parents and 6 siblings, but when I was 5 years old, my parents had decided to move to Jacmel so that I could go to school.  They enrolled me in a Christian primary school so that I could get a good education. I have always wanted to become a doctor.  Ever since I was a little boy, I remember seeing how great the need was for good doctors to help the sick and the dying.

When I was in high school, I attended a private school but it was too expensive, therefore my parents enrolled me in another school.  It was a state school. I’ve made all my classes and finally graduated from that school.

The biggest difficulty that I have ever faced happened last year right after I graduated high school.  I wanted to go to college to study to become a doctor, but I could not because my parents and I do not have the money to pay for college.  Now, I stay strong in faith and I believe that He has a good plan for my life, so I am waiting for Him to let me know what to do.  He is good all the time.

 I became a Christian when I was 18 on December 12th, 2008, however I grew up with my family in a Christian church.  My favorite verse is Mat. 6:33.  I hope I will serve God by worshiping Him wherever I am and in everything I do.  My dream is to serve my community as a doctor and to help everybody know the gospel everywhere I go.  God is good all the time.”