About Ecuador

Official name of country: Republic of Ecuador

Population: 14 million

Capital City: Quito

Time Difference: Ecuador is on Central Standard Time, so it is one hour behind the east coast and two hours ahead of the west coast.

National Animal: Andean Condor

National Currency: US Dollar

National Flower: Rose

National Sport: Fútbol (soccer)

Languages: The official language of Ecuador is Spanish, but there are also many other languages and dialects spoken by the locals. The second most popular tongue is Quechua, the Inca language that indigenous people speak. Cofan is another language you may experience while studying in Ecuador. Immigrants have also brought their languages from around the world to the country. Although you’ll definitely improve your Spanish skills, feel free to try out a few phrases in the indigenous tongues too!

Geography: Ecuador is on the western side of South America and is bordered by Colombia and Peru. There are three main geographical regions that make up the country: the coast in the west, the highlands running north-south, and the Amazon in the east. The topography includes low lands, high mountain ranges, and lush jungles. The climate is also varied and you will experience mild temperatures in the valleys, tropical rain on the coast, and warm, dry seasons in the Andean highlands. In Quito, you’ll find that the overall temperature is warm and sunny during the day with cooler evenings. Bring a jacket if you study in the winter as it is often a cooler, rainy season.


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