Family photo sessions are always…interesting.



We wanted to take a picture for our Christmas card this year so we gathered in the living room to make the magic happen. The great thing about this project is that we have a great camera and great cropping and filtering software. Since we cannot afford the luxury of hiring a professional photographer everyone is stuck with me (Maria), the semi-professional photographer and the only person that knows how to crop and filter photos. After all, I took a very “extensive” course free on youtube. Hahaha! So here are some of our photos. Enjoy!

As you can see, Jake is extremely cooperative here. And Cody, he is hiding in the background.
Trying to get happy faces and children that stay still is always fun.
Oh yeah! We are succeeding at this!
We can try again! One more time!
Good thing we have a remote to control the camera.
Now the dog decides to look away.
Cody patiently waits until we all get our act together.
Let’s try the other chair. And bunny ears on Cody.
Gabriela decided to grab Jake by the shirt. Fun!
Jake has a bump on his forehead. We need to hide that!
Where is Cody? And we forgot Gabriela!
Almost there! Not!
Aww! The cute baby is distracting for some.
I am trying to hide Jake’s bump so I decided to go with black and white.
I can still see that bump.
family photo
This is the one we decided to use. Everyone seems to be “cooperating”. I love Grabiela’s tongue sticking out. So cute.

2 thoughts on “Family photo sessions are always…interesting.

  1. Maria, I love your sense of humor! Joy shines from every one of these. Feliz Navidad to all of you from Tennessee!

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