Would you please pray about helping with this?

Hey all. We hope and pray that you are all doing well.  We are doing great, although very busy with packing and selling all our belongings as we get ready to move to Ecuador in September to continue the mission work that God has called us to do.

We are super excited about this opportunity to train and equip pastors so that they are better able to rightly divide the Word of Truth and therefore be more effective in evangelizing the lost and making disciples.  We are both thrilled and humbled to play a role in God’s kingdom work.

Well, friends, as we get ready to transition to Ecuador to begin these new Gospel labors, we find ourselves with a great need that we cannot meet on our own. And it is to you whom we present this need and ask for help.

We need a vehicle in Ecuador.  Even though we sold our vehicle here in Nicaragua and will put all that money towards buying a vehicle in Ecuador, the truth is that vehicles in Ecuador cost about double than what they cost here in Nicaragua. And vehicles here in Nicaragua already cost about double than what they cost in the U.S.

So, we are needing to raise $10,000 by September 1st.  This money, put together with the same amount of money from the sale of our vehicle, will simply enable us to buy something like a 2004-5 Four wheel drive SUV, which is what we will need for the ministry as we will be traveling in some very rural and rough terrain areas throughout northern Ecuador as we provide training to pastors and leaders

Would you please pray about making a special donation to our ministry right now so that we can meet this goal and be able to purchase a vehicle when we get to Ecuador?  It may seem like a lot of money, but if everybody puts in what God has laid on their heart, then I believe that we will have what we need.  To some, that might mean giving $50 or $100. To others, it might mean giving much more.  We just ask that you pray and give to the glory of God.

I wish it was as easy for me to just put in some overtime at the office for the next several months, or take on a side consulting job, or anything like that in order to get extra money.  But as missionaries, we do not have that option.  Through our supporters, we receive just about what we need each month for basic daily living.  So, when a greater need comes up like this, the only thing that we can do to get what is needed is simply to ask God and then to present our need to the body of Christ.  And this is what we humbly do, trusting that our Father in Heaven, who owns the cattle on a thousand hills, will provide what is needed so that His work may be accomplished throughout the world.  The great thing is that we as the body of Christ are often the instrument He chooses to use to meet those needs and thus accomplish His work.

Many of you have been supporting our mission work for years now. We are so thankful to have such a great support team.  I know I sound like a broken record when I say over and over again that we could not do what we are doing without you all doing what you are doing.  Together, we are fulfilling the great commission for the glory of God.

So, dear friends, we humbly ask that you would consider making a special donation so that this need can be met.  We thank you so much for your willingness to do all that you can do for the sake of God’s name being proclaimed among the nations.  You are a blessing to us.

Give on-line:  www.rtim.org  Click on “missionary”, scroll to our name, click on “donate” and then make sure our name is selected when designating the gift. You can add on a note that it is a special gift towards vehicle purchase.

or you can just click here to go right to the giving page.  Again, make sure our name is selected from the drop down box.

Give by mail:  Make check payable to Reaching and Teaching International.  Write “Cody and Maria – Vehicle” on memo. Mail to:

Reaching and Teaching International

PO Box 122

Wheaton, IL 60187

Thank you again for your support. You guys are awesome!