Sticks and mud…

We moved into this new development in Leon, the only place we could find a suitable home. The house is smaller than any home we had in Nicaragua (or any other place we’ve lived) and it’s located in a quiet new neighborhood where only the hammers and tools and trucks of construction workers can be heard. The neighbors are nice and the kids can roam around the street freely because the neighborhood has 24 hour security and patrolling. The houses are close together. So we get to meet everyone around us. Every morning, I watch the construction workers work so hard to mix cement and rock and sand to build the new home across the street. As I watch them put the new roof up and use pieces of wood to give form to the concrete, I can’t help but think about those who live outside this neighborhood in smaller homes and unsafe communities. Then a thought came to me yesterday morning when I was spending time with the Lord…Does God look down and see some homes better than others? Is one home better than the other for Him? To Him? I supposed that if this broken world is as a bad as He sees it and the riches of heaven are far beyond anything beautiful down here in this corrupted place, then to Him we are all living in houses of stick and mud. Some more nicely decorated than others. Some with more security than others (although who would truly trust an unregenerate strange sinner to watch over their kids?). So I concluded that it doesn’t matter what value and worth you place in your nicely decorated box, to Him it is only made with a slab of mud or broken sticks. The greater home, and much better one, is the one that awaits for us in Heaven, where gold is used for pavement and gigantic pearls give entrance to the foyer. Sticks and mud…is all we have now down here on earth…And if we see it this way, it should cause us to see those living in different houses as equal and not as higher nor lower than us. How prideful of us to think that our mud or wood is better or worse than someone else’s mud or wood! Let’s give thanks to the sovereign Lord for allowing us to have a roof that covers us from the rain. Or a drippy place to gather and be a family, whether it is made of wood or stone. After all, a fancy and well decorated house is not the greatest treasure a man possesses, but Christ. He is the greatest treasure of all. In Him alone all riches can be found. He or she who has Him possesses all. Regardless of where he or she lives… -Maria

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