Will you help us buy a moto for Guillermo?

Hey all,

We hope and pray that you are all doing well and seeing God working continuously in your lives.  Things are going well here in Nicaragua, but we have a need and are asking for your help.

As you know, I have been working more closely with a Nicaraguan guy named Guillermo. Him and I lead a Bible Study together.  And I also meet with him several times a week as I am training him up to be a pastor.  God is doing so much in his heart as he is coming more face to face with the Scriptures than ever before.

We are trying to help Guillermo buy a moto so that he can have basic transportation for him and his family.  A moto will also be of great use for the sake of the ministry as he is often meeting with different people around the community with whom we have been sharing the Word of God.  But it will also tremendously help him be able to transport his family rather than using a bike which is what he has been doing.  His younger daughter, Linsay, seems to get sick a lot and always needs to be brought to the clinic which is several miles away.  Bringing her on the bike in the hot sun is not helping her.  So, a moto will definitely benefit this family, and for this I am asking your help.

Guillermo has made the necessary sacrifice himself by selling some personal belongings (worth about $250) so that he can put some money towards a moto.  And we ourselves have been able to contribute $250, but the reality is that we are still about $300 short of being able to buy a decent quality moto.  

So, I am asking you if you would be willing to make a special contribution so that we can raise about $300 and buy him a moto. I know that this would be such a tremendous blessing for him and his family.  Thank you so much for your continued involvement in the work that God is doing here in Nicaragua.  May He be glorified as we seek to make His name known.

For giving on-line through our mission agency Global Outreach International: CLICK HERE Please make a note “For Moto”.  It is very important that you designate your donation specifically for the moto so that we know how much has come in for this specific purpose.

For giving by check:  Make check payable to Global Outreach International and write “Account 3015 – Moto” on check memo.  Send to:

Global Outreach International

P.O. Box 1

Tupelo, MS. 38802


Thanks again for being willing to invest in our ministry here in Nicaragua.