Is Our God Too Small?

Wow!  I just read this chapter from A.W. Pink’s “The Attributes of God” as I am preparing for our Saturday Night Leader’s Small Group, and I just had to copy this excerpt from the chapter on God’s Supremacy.  How amazing that this was written so long ago and still rings so true today.  May the Lord God open up our eyes to see Him as He is rather than what man has made Him to be.

IN ONE OF HIS LETTERS TO ERASMUS, LUTHER SAID, “YOUR thoughts of God are too human.” Probably that renowned scholar resented such a rebuke, the more so, since it proceeded from a miner’s son; nevertheless, it was thoroughly deserved. We too, though having no standing among the religious leaders of this degenerate age, prefer the same charge against the majority of the preachers of our day, and against those who, instead of searching the Scriptures for themselves, lazily accept the teaching of others. The most dishonoring and degrading conceptions of the rule and reign of the Almighty are now held almost everywhere. To countless thousands, even among those professing to be Christians, the God of the Scriptures is quite unknown.

Of old, God complained to an apostate Israel, “Thou thoughtest that I was altogether such an one as thyself” (Psa 50:21). Such must now be His indictment against an apostate Christendom. Men imagine that the Most High is moved by sentiment, rather that actuated by principle. They suppose that His omnipotence is such an idle fiction that Satan is thwarting His designs on every side. They think that if He has formed any plan or purpose at all, then it must be like theirs, constantly subject to change. They openly declare that whatever power He possesses must be restricted, lest He invade the citadel of man’s “free will” and reduce him to a “machine.” They lower the all-efficacious atonement, which has actually redeemed everyone for whom it was made, to a mere “remedy,” which sin-sick souls may use if they feel disposed to; and they enervate the invincible work of the Holy Spirit to an “offer” of the Gospel which sinners may accept or reject as they please.

The “god” of this twentieth century no more resembles the Supreme Sovereign of Holy Writ than does the dim flickering of a candle the glory of the midday sun. The “god” who is now talked about in the average pulpit, spoken of in the ordinary Sunday School, mentioned in much of the religious literature of the day, and preached in most of the so-called Bible Conferences is the figment of human imagination, an invention of maudlin sentimentality. The heathen outside of the pale of Christendom form “gods” out of wood and stone, while the millions of heathen inside Christendom manufacture a “god” out of their own carnal mind. In reality, they are but atheists, for there is no other possible alternative between an absolutely supreme God, and no God at all. A “god” whose will is resisted, whose designs are frustrated, whose purpose is checkmated, possesses no title to Deity, and so far from being a fit object of worship, merits naught but contempt.

2 thoughts on “Is Our God Too Small?

  1. Cody,
    I am a board member at GO and have been following you guys since your days in Haiti and the loss of your daughter. I am overwhelmed to see your continued resolve to serve God. I have been to Haiti once with my family and have been to Nicaragua several times with my church. We work with Pastor Doimedes in Somotillo. We started working with him just after hurricane Mitch. We have a group from our church leaving for there tomorrow as a matter of fact. We go through Leon to get Somotillo I think.
    I have sent you a small gift to help with your needs. You guys will be truly blessed for the sacrifices you make for our Lord Jesus. I will be praying that you are able to raise funds to meet your budget. Ihope to meet you all some day.

  2. Jerry, Thank you so much for your encouraging words and your gift to our ministry. What a blessing to have the body of Christ working together for the one sole purpose of bringing all glory and honor to Christ, our head, from which all blessing flow. Que Dios te bendiga mi hermano. Cuídate.

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