Some of our ministry in pictures…

Truthfully, it has been a great few weeks as we have seen God at work in the lives of those around us. It has been a time of seeing some of our close Nicaraguan friends put their trust in Jesus for the first time ever. It has been a time of seeing the leadership of our church super excited about this leader’s small group that we have started at our house. It has been a time of seeing God at work in the community where my friend lives where he and I now lead a Bible Study and discipleship program for young kids. It has been a time of seeing the first spiritual fruits coming from our ministry in El Anexo where recently one of the young guys surrendered his heart to the Lord. He came to church with us last week and said that he wants to come back again this week. He also said that he wants to start getting together each week so that I can help him learn more about the Bible and disciple him in the ways of God.

So, we rejoice in all that God is doing. He is faithful to His Word and we are seeing firsthand the proof that when we boldly and lovingly proclaim His truth, hearts are opened and lives are changed for His glory. So, we are incredibly thankful for what God is doing and that we have been privileged to be a part of His great kingdom work. May we continue to follow Him with all our hearts and press on in both the good times and the bad times.

We had our second Leaders Small Group at our house on Saturday night. The first meeting we had 8 couples (16 people total). The second meeting we had 20 people! It was great! The feedback that we get from so many of them is that this group is a tremendous blessing to them and that they are learning and growing in their walk with Christ. Last week, I taught about the purpose of the law…how God uses it to open our eyes to see our need for Him. I shared that the law is not the Gospel, does not contradict the Gospel, but rather leads us to the Gospel. And now, this week, since I am preaching on Sunday, I asked Maria to lead the teaching and she will be sharing about the depravity of man and why we desperately need a Savior.  This will lead us into the next several weeks of sharing exactly what the Gospel is.   Please continue to pray that the leaders of the church are strengthened and encouraged.

Also, this past Tuesday at the kids Bible study that Guillermo and I lead in his neighborhood, we had a Mother’s Day party. All the kids of the group invited their Moms to come and share a special time together. It was fantastic! It was a great way to start reaching out to the parents of these kids we are teaching each week. Just about all the Moms came. We had a time of worship together, then I shared an evangelistic message from the story of Mary and Martha about choosing the better thing that won’t ever be taken away. Then the kids presented gifts to their Mothers. And then we all shared a meal together. It was awesome! After sharing the message with them and encouraging them to pursue God above all else in life, I invited any Mother who would be interested in learning more about the Bible and how to walk with God to talk to Maria who would be willing to start meeting with them each week in a group to teach them the ways of God. It was great that two of the Mothers there talked to Maria afterwards and told her of their desire to do this. So, please pray that these women will follow through with this and that Maria can start meeting with them each week. How great it would be that Guillermo and I are teaching the kids each week and now Maria can be teaching the Moms at the same time!

So, here are some pictures of our Saturday night Leaders Small Group and pictures of the Mother’s Day Outreach. Also, please pray for me as I will be preaching this Sunday at church. It will be a Mother’s Day message and I will be sharing from the story of Hannah in 1 Samuel Chapters one and two. Please pray that God uses Sunday to strengthen and encourage His people and that hearts would be open to receive the Gospel.

Isabela also had a Mother’s Day dance and celebration at her school. She was so excited to be part of this. I realize that Mother’s Day here is HUGE!

Beginning with worship at our Leaders Small Group









Cody teaching about how the law leads us to see our need for Christ










Learning and growing in the grace of God...









Cody and Pastor Pedro



















Worshipping the Savior at the Mother's Day outreach













Encouraging the women and children to make the better choice...Jesus










Some of the teens in our group are all smiles









Seems I like to use my hands a lot when teaching...













Reciting a poem for the Moms












His Mom is all smiles after such a pretty poem









Presenting gifts to Mom.









Axel gives a gift to his Mom









Wow! He must really love his Mom.









Me and my love...Ay que linda









Carlos being silly






















Guillermo holds up a gift that Pedro made for his Mom









Sharing in a Mother's Day meal









Guillermo and I. He's doing such a great job reaching out to the kids













Group picture to close out the party!









Mi princesa antes del baile en su colegio












Baile Isabela...baile!