Baby TV…Not Just for Babies

So, since we have cable in our house now (which we have to have in order to have the internet) Maria found a spanish channel for Jake called “Baby TV”.  This is great for him and he likes it a lot.  One day recently as I had to watch him when Maria was out, I did what any great parent does when taking care of a little one…I plopped him in front of the TV and turned on “Babysit TV” so that I could be undistracted in my holy computer research on how to reach the world for Christ.  Anyway, I ended up listening in the background to “Baby TV” and all of a sudden I found myself learning.  I was being taught spanish by animated shows such as “Queda con Mick (Stick with Mick).  It was great.  I actually learned a lot.  Basically, its a show for babies and toddlers to teach them…And in the spanish language I am a toddler…so its perfect.  Jake loves it…and I love it too.  I’m serious, I watch it now often with him because it really is a way for me to learn…to hear the language…to understand more conversation…to learn new vocab words such as caretilla (wheelbarrel), paleta de hielo (popsicle), inflatador (inflatable floaties), etc.  So…yeah…Baby TV rocks!

Though Isabela could also certainly benefit from this latest phenomenon of sitting in front of Baby TV, we decided to do something a little more mature for her and enroll her in school.  So, she is currently one of the only gringitas (little white girls) at Colegio Bautista in downtown León.  She has been going for a few weeks now and she really likes it.  She has made some friends, and she is learning the language a lost faster.  We plan to keep her here for at least the school year, after that we may resume homeschooling so that she really stays up on her educational level.  I can tell that the teacher just has them doing a lot of memorization and copying down facts and figures, but there does not seem to be hardly any type of critical thinking.  Our main purpose for her attending school is simply to learn the language.  So, I hope that by the end of the school year (December), she will be fluent enough in the language.  If not…well…there’s always Baby TV.  Yeah Baby!