Proclaiming the Word of Truth to the church, the community, and myself!

Sunday was a great day to be able to proclaim the Word of Truth to many.  I had the opportunity to preach at our church Sunday morning.  Because the church we attend is bi-lingual, I could not justify me preaching in Spanish and the native pastor translating to English.  So, I preached in English and he translated.  I taught on Hebrews Ch 1-3 with the theme being that Jesus Christ is the supreme fulfillment of all that God demonstrated in the Old Testament.  Relating to the first three chapters of Hebrews, I taught about how Christ is the supreme fulfillment of the way that God has spoken to His people.  In times past, He spoke to the prophets and the forefathers in various ways, but in these last days He has spoken to us through His Son Jesus.  So, we don’t need a fresh new word from God…He gave us the ultimate and most supreme word when He spoke through Jesus.  I taught how Christ is supreme over the angels, that the purpose of the angels according to Scripture is to worship the Son and to serve those people who will inherit salvation.  And finally, I taught how Christ is supreme over Moses.  Moses was faithful as a servant in the house, but Jesus is faithful over the whole house.  Jesus is the builder of the house.  I used an example of a checker board; Moses was faithful as a checker…he did what God asked him to do…he was a faithful servant, just like He calls us to be faithful servants.  But Jesus is the builder of the entire game and He is the One who controls all that takes place, including the final outcome of the game.  Therefore Jesus is deserving of far more glory.  That was the basic flow of my message.  I think it went well.

Preaching the supremacy of Christ at Iglesia Comunidad Cristiana en León, Nicaragua









Then, Sunday night I was in charge of leading the teaching for our Sunday Night Missionary Fellowship.  I spoke about Palm Sunday using texts from Mat 21:21, Jn 12:12, and Rev 7.  I shared about the difference between the sincerity of the crowd that was waving Jesus into Jerusalem with their cloaks spread out and palm branches (an act of complete submission) yet would cry out to have Jesus crucified just five days later compared to the multitude gathered around the Lamb’s throne in Revelation 7 waving their palm branches and saying “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty…”  I taught about the fact that the sincerity of our worship cannot just be expressed through an outward physical act, but must originate with true faith in our hearts as to who the Lord Jesus is and what He came to do for us.  So, we had a good discussion. Yesterday, I went to El Anexo to try and visit one or two of the youth that we have been trying to get to know better.  I ended up spending about two hours with this young guy named Derain and his family.  It was good just to be able to bring up Christ in the conversation and be a witness for His goodness and truth.  I invited Derain to come out to lunch with me on Thursday.  I told him to invite a friend along as well.  I pray that there is more opportunity to get to know these guys and begin to be able to speak truth into their lives.  The overall purpose of our ministry in this barrio is to share the message of Christ with these youth and families and teach them what it means to follow hard after God.  We have been praying for some time as to what the Lord would have us specifically do in this area as a means to reach people with the Gospel.  We’ll be sharing soon about our vision and plan.

Getting to know the young guys at El Anexo








Finally, there was a day last week where I had to do a lot of preaching to myself.  That day was on March 22nd, Susana’s birthday. I hadn’t even realized it was her birthday until I was just about to leave in the morning and I saw Maria looking a little sad.  I asked her what was up, and she told me that today it Susana’s birthday.  So, I had a good cry on my hour and a half trip from León to Managua.  I miss my little girl so much!  I had to fight away the thoughts of “What would she have looked like by now?”  and other thoughts like that.  Its so hard not to go there, but doing so only causes pain and confusion.  So, I had to proclaim the Word of Truth to myself, reminding me of the Scriptures that state that there is no “Could have been” or “Should have been” in the eyes of God.  What happened is what happened.  All of Susana’s days were recorded in God’s Book before one of them ever came to be (Psalm 139)  And not even a sparrow falls to the ground apart from the care of our Heavenly Father.  So, I had to remind myself of these things, as well as the fact that my little girl is experiencing more life than I even know at this point.  She is living in incredible joy and glory in the presence of God, the angels, and all the saints (including an untold number of children) who have already gone on ahead.  I can’t wait for that great and glorious day when I get to join such a group of people.  But until then, I press on by the grace of God and “never let go.”

My little girl was always pointing toward Heaven...She knew where she was going.