Pointing it to the Gospel.

Our second week of our ministry at El Anexo went great.  This time we had two classes of 10, so there were some new people who joined the group.  The guys seem to enjoy what they are learning and so far they are doing well.  At the end of the class, we showed them a 5 minute video about domestic violence since domestic violence runs rampant all throughout Nicaragua.  It is just looked at as a common thing that a husband hits his wife regularly, and unfortunately…it is often just accepted as “the way it is.”  So, it was good to show them this video and then ask them what they thought about it.  They didn’t really say much at first.  Then Scott shared with them about the importance of taking this truth and putting it into practice.  It was great that they were able to hear another guy speak to them about the importance of showing kindness and love to the people that they love.

Then, I took the topic and pointed them to the Gospel, explaining to them that, unless God changes their  hearts, they won’t be able to stop doing these things.  I spoke about the real reason why a man would hit his wife…and that it all centers around selfishness.  The man wants what he wants, and if the woman does not comply, then he hits her.  So, I shared with them that the real problem is not the woman and how she might get on the nerves of the man, but rather the real problem is the selfish sin that lives within us which causes us to get mad when we don’t get what we want. (James 4:1-2)  And I shared that the only remedy for such a selfish sinful heart is the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I pray that the words fell on listening hearts and that the Lord opens their eyes so that they might truly see their need for Him.

Also, I went with the Youth Leader of our church to an evangelistic outreach that he recently began in a barrio in León.  There were about 15 or so youth ages 15-25 who came out.  The leader shared a quick message from the story of David and was taking about how we need to ask God to forgive us whenever we sin.  He then asked me if I wanted to add anything, so…I did.  Again, I took this as an opportunity to turn the conversation towards the Gospel and so I spoke to them about the basis of forgiveness, that we can’t just ask for forgiveness as it is just something that we always get, but that there has to be a basis upon which we can be forgiven.  So, I shared with them the fact that the basis of our forgiveness is solely on the blood of Jesus Christ and what He did for us on the cross.  It was really cool. I shared about the law and how God uses the law to show us that we can’t make it on our own, that we still lack something, that we need a redeemer.   As I was sharing, some of the family members from nearby houses came out and joined the crowd.  I could tell that what I was sharing was impacting some of the people.  I encouraged them to think about these things and that perhaps I would share more the next time. So, the next time will be tonight as the leader invited me to lead the teaching tonight.  So, I will continue to share with them the Gospel, for it is my greatest conviction that the Gospel is what God uses to open the heart.  May God be glorified.

Here are some pictures of our ministry at El Anexo and House of Hope



















































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  1. Nice Bro, Glad to se the Lord is opening doors for all of you.
    He’s got you guys right where He wants you.
    Love and prayers for you always, Paul

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