Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

That is what would describe the recent 2 day Timothy Leadership Training that took place at the Nehemiah Center on January 24th and 25th. The topic of this module was “Biblical Preaching”. How amazing it was for several pastors and leaders from León, Chinandega, and Managua to learn more effective methods for preaching and teaching. The scripture that seemed to become the theme for the training is that of 2Tim 3:16 “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work.” The two days were spent in the pages of Scripture, seeking to know more of God’s Word and how we are to utilize it so that we can be more effective in the ministry that He has called us to.

The training included such topics as: “How to correctly choose and use a text for Biblical preaching”, “How to point people towards Jesus and the message of salvation with the text that you are using”, and “How to preach with the intention of seeing results in the people who hear.” The training not only included teaching from different facilitators,  but also involved much discussion among the participants, as well as a time to implement what was being taught. Pastors worked together in choosing a text from the Bible to create a “vertical sermon” (one that points directly to the message of the Gospel) and presented this to their peers. They also put together a plan of action for the next 4 months so that they can implement what they have learned. The plans of action were taped on the wall for all to see, and at the end we all gathered up front to pray for the plans and commit them to the Lord. It was a very special time. Many of them have plans to share this training with their core leadership so that it can be reproduced in their own congregations.

These pastors were taught, encouraged, challenged, and renewed during our time together. They are hungry to know more so that they can be more effective in reaching their people with the saving message of Jesus Christ. I was blessed to spend time together with them, getting to know them, and hearing their heart for the Lord. I gave some of them a ride back home from Managua, including Pastor Erasmo who came with me to the training.  He has recently planted a church in an area called Telica, next to León, and I have been getting to know him some, so I invited him to the training.  Anyway, on the way back home from Managua, i just had a good time to get to know the heart of the pastors more.  I asked them what were some of the main issues that they were being faced with in their churches.  I also asked them what they thought was the most important characteristic that a pastor should have.  It was great hearing their hearts.

I also discussed with them my desire of providing more Biblical training resources for them so that they can be more effective in reaching their people.  They are very interested in pursuing this further.  During the training, I had shared with them even just some spanish websites that provide great Biblical resources.  Even with this alone they were very excited and thankful.  So, one of the pastors, who is the head of his group of churches told me that he plan to invite me to his next leader’s meeting with all of the churches so that I can share with them ways in which I may be able to provide further Biblical training.  So, please keep these things in prayer.

Please also pray for me as I myself am still being equipped through my on-line seminary courses that I am taking.  Pray also as I am thinking through and trying to put together a plan for Biblical training for pastors and leaders as well as a plan for basic discipleship for others who want to have a better understanding of faith in Christ.  Please continue to pray also for further language acquisition so that I may be able to clearly articulate the truth from God’s Word.  Thanks so much.

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The pastors and leaders who were part of Timothy Leadership Training