1st Day of Ministry at El Anexo

We had our first day of ministry at El Anexo and it went great!  There are about 20 high risk youth ranging from ages 15-25 who we are meeting with each week to teach basic computer skills.  We hope that this can serve as a bridge to get to know these guys and be able to share the message of the Gospel with them.  They really enjoyed the class and we can see that there are a handful who seemed really interested in learning.  Our first class was very basic.  We also just took some time getting to know a little about each guy and we also shared a little about ourselves.

We decided at this time to just do the computer class on Thursday rather than trying to do a computer class and a short Bible Study at the end.  I don’t want to have a Bible Study that seems more obligatory for them to be part of being the fact that they will have already been there for the computer class and so they would feel that they have to sit down for the Bible Study at the end.  That is the last thing that I wish to do.  So, our desire is just to get to know them and see if there is an open door for us to share the Gospel with them just in our relationships.  And if there seems to be an interest, then we would start up a Bible Study that would meet separate from when we do the computer class.  That way, those that come to the Bible Study would truly be those wish to know more about God.

It was great that even with our first meeting that we were able to bring up the message of Christ just through our conversations at the end.  These guys have serious issues.  Several of them have children, but are not married.  The leaders of the community tell us that these guys treat women very bad.  So, it was great on the first day that we were able to bring up the subject of marriage and share about our need for Christ in order to know how to treat our wives with love, dignity, and respect.  I only hope that these kind of conversations continue so that we can bring to these guys the truth of the Gospel.  Please pray for this ministry.  Please pray that the Lord will open the hearts of these young guys and that we will be bold to share with them the reason for the hope for which we have.

Scott, el maestro de la compu, teaching the basics









This is our classroom...how cool is that!









Enrique, the only guy with children who is actually married.









Students practicing what they learned









Basic homes in El Anexo