Our Vehicle…

Buenos Diás…I have been wanting to write some posts lately to let you all know what’s been going on, but time just seems to pass by us so quickly that by the end of the day I am too tired to do so.  Anyway, lots has been happening since we moved to Nicaragua, but I can’t really post many pictures yet until we get our own internet hooked up.

But, we want to say a huge thanks to all of our support team who contributed financially above and beyond so that we could purchase a good vehicle for our family.  Thanks to the contributions that came in, we were able to purchase a solid 4 wheel drive SUV.  It is a 2001 Toyota 4Runner.  It is in great condition and has very little miles on it.  This will be a great safe vehicle that will enable us to reach the rural areas that don’t have paved roads.  May this vehicle be used for God’s glory as we seek to share His love and truth with many here in Nicaragua.  May it be used as a way of serving as we give people rides to and from church and other places so that we can build relationships with them and share the love of Christ.  Already, it will be used in that capacity next week as I transport 5 pastors down to Managua for a 2 day pastoral training that the Nehemiah Center is doing.  I will be attending the training as well in hopes of connecting with pastors and leaders that live in León.

So, thank you to all who gave so that we could purchase this vehicle.  We’re so very grateful for your support.