Missions Update…

The time is approaching fast.  Less than two more months and we will be leaving Costa Rica and moving directly to Leon, Nicaragua.  Lord willing, we will be there by December 9th.  We are so excited that we wish we could move tomorrow.  Our hearts are being stirred more and more as we connect with our ministry partners in Nicaragua and begin to discuss future ministry plans and strategies.  But our desire is to finish strong here in Costa Rica as we know that there is still much that the Lord is doing in our lives during this preparation time.  And I am thankful that I still have two more months of further language training.  But…these next two months will probably fly by.

We praise the Lord that we found a house to rent in Nicaragua!  We have already signed the contract…so…its ours!  It is a nice little house in a decent neighborhood.  As a matter of fact, it is right down the street from the McEwans (our ministry partners), so that is a huge bonus. We are so looking forward to moving there, setting up our home, and beginning our labors for the Gospel.  The Lord is definitely showing us that He is preparing the way.

Our partnership with the Nehemiah Center is official.  We are looking forward to working along side of them and learning about the country, its people, and how we can effectively bring them the Gospel message.  Feel free to check out their website at www.nehemiahcenter.net  They have been doing an awesome job in ministering to the people of Nicaragua for almost 13 years.  This is their mission statement:  “The Nehemiah Center is a community of service and learning which trains lay and pastoral leaders in an integral, biblical worldview and encourages local, national and international collaboration for a Christ-centered, transformational development of communities and nations.”  We are thrilled to become a part of this community.  Our desire in partnering with them is that we will be able to connect with pastors and leaders, build relationships with them, and develop a ministry that will help train and equip them in their ministry to the Nicaraguan people.  In addition to our partnership with them, we will also be partnering with the McEwans in various Bible based discipleship/mentoring ministries, some of which will include working with at-risk youth and families.  We look forward to seeing what the Lord unfolds before us.  We only want to honor Him and reach people with the message of life and hope that is only found in Jesus Christ.

Maria has been co-leading the empleadas Bible study each week.  She has been simply focusing each week on a different aspect of the Gospel (sin, atonement, justification, sanctification, glorification, etc)  The response has been amazing as she shares with me each week that the women are opening up more and more and really wrestling with these truths and how they apply to their lives.  She has really come to love these women and is sad that she will soon be saying good-bye.
This last tri-mester of language learning has been very challenging.  Like my classmate recently said after receiving our first exam, “We ain’t in Kansas anymore!”  That is so true.  I am taking a translation class and an advanced grammar class.  The translation class is pushing me to the max.  My last assignment was having to translate 6 pages of a book from English into Spanish.  I chose to translate the first 6 pages of David Platt’s book, “Radical”.  Wow! That was a huge challenge.  This is no longer learning to say things in Spanish such as “Mary went to the store so that she could buy some milk and eggs because she was making a cake.”  No, no, no.  Now, in translation class, I am translating things such as, ” But this letter here was soiled, crumpled, and torn, unusual for the minister , who is always so careful and neat.  And the fact that the letter was there – out in the open where anybody could easily see it – that made me very suspicious.”  Yes, for all you fans of literature, that is Edgar Allen Poe that we are translating!  Que loco!  Needless to say, we are being really challenged.  But it has been really good.
Well, that’s about all for now.  I have to go and translate some more Poe.  Que todo le vaya bien…