Excellent FREE resources to grow in your faith

Cody and I have been blessed with some resources available online and we wanted to share them with you. What I love most about these resources is that they are not only FREE but, they are also biblically sound. I truly pray they are a blessing to you as much as they have been a blessing to us.

The Master’s Seminary — John MacArthur’s seminary has a number of seminary courses posted online. They are excellent and we have enjoyed watching these almost every day. The Lord has been using our time together watching these courses to prune us and do a work in our hearts. Not only is the work that He is doing useful for us to grow in our relationship to Him and our marriage, but it is also preparing us as we get ready to bring the Gospel of Jesus to the people of Nicaragua. Check them out. You can find them here.

The Truth About Man— This is an excellent Bible study by Paul Washer about the doctrine of man. I have been doing it in the morning for the past few weeks and I cannot even begin to describe what God is doing in my own heart as I look at the true condition of man through the lenses of Scriptures. God is using this Bible study to help me gain not only deeper knowledge about myself, but also about my brothers and sisters in Christ. Most importantly I am growing in my understanding and amazement of His love and mercy toward me. I am also using this Bible study as a teaching manual to teach the Gospel to Isabela. You can download the Bible study FREE here.


One True God— This is another Bible study by Paul Washer on the doctrine of God. I have not started this one yet since I am still working my way through the one I mentioned above. However, I have read parts of it and I cannot wait to begin this one. You can download it here.




Monergism MP3 Library — This website has an awesome MP3 library. You can search for any topic you would like and download them into your iPod or iPhone (or whatever other device you have). I enjoy listening to messages while I am doing laundry or cleaning the house. You can get these MP3s here.

True Woman 101– If you are a woman and want to grow in your relationship with God, this website is great. I love listening the wisdom God has given older/mature women in the faith. This site has a weekly guide and resources for you to fall in love with Jesus. Just go here and check it out.


Now, even though I am really really excited to be able to share these resources with you I feel obligated to tell you that the BEST resource you can ever find on knowing God is the Bible itself. It is God’s favorite book for revealing Himself and we all should go there first. These are only tools to help us in our understanding of the scriptures and not a replacement. My favorite Bible online is the ESV and you can find it here. So, with that said, enjoy your journey with the Lord. I truly hope and pray that these are a blessing to you as they have been to us. –Maria