A visit with new friends

I (Maria) had the privilege of being invited to speak to a group of young ladies at a local orphanage. The group was formed of teenage girls with a very hard past. I was blessed to share my testimony with them and spend a few moments getting to know some of them. The girls are very sweet and they really could use your prayers. I intend on going back to visit with the girls and I am hoping that the Lord will open up the doors to minister the gospel to these precious girls.

I was given permission by them to post their pictures. Please pray for these girls. Pray specifically that the wounds they carry in their hearts would be healed by the precious hand of Jesus. May they scars they bear never go to waste.

Me with some of the girls (our friend's daughter is on the picture too. She is the fourth one from left to right). Some of the them have powder sugar on their faces from their cupcake decorating activity.


Two of the girls in the home working on decorating cupcakes provided by another ILE student.


Sweet new friend.

One thought on “A visit with new friends

  1. Yo Go Maria! We, women, need one another to encourage, sharpen, intercede for and even correct. I praise God for your heart to connect with these young girls. I will pray for your opportunity to disciple them through a relationship. Thanks for your obedience to the call of Christ. I’ll be praying for you and your family. Michelle Figueroa

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