What have we been reading?

So, here is what you would find should you open up our kindles…Disfruta!

Cody’s Reading List

Currently Reading:

The Bible – I have been doing my own personal study through the Book of Acts for the last few months. It has been awesome and I have learned so much. I also am reading through the Bible with Isabela every night. My goal is to read the whole Bible with her, but I am realizing that this is going to take a looong time because I don’t just read her the Bible, but I am teaching her, therefore we only cover a very very small portion each night so that she really understands what we are reading. We just finished chapter 13 of Matthew last night. And I am proud to say that she can tell you each of the parables that Jesus tells in this chapter and what they mean. By the way, our Sunday School hour at church just started this awesome new series on how to teach the Gospel to your children. We are three weeks in and it has been really really good.

La Santa Biblia – In order to get more practice and understanding of God’s Word in Spanish, I just started to read the Bible in Spanish starting from Genesis. This is just a time for me to read, not study and reflect, although it is impossible to read the Bible without reflecting, so I hope that I will only reflect a little so that I can focus more on reading and understanding God’s Word in Spanish. I try to read a chapter per day.






Los Atributos de Dios – By A.W. Pink. The English version is “The Attributes of God”, but I am reading it in Spanish so that I can get more familiar with theological vocabulary in Spanish. I have never read it in English, but so far it is a great book.







Systematic Theology – By Wayne Grudem. This is more like a reference book, but sometimes I like to pick it up and just read a chapter on a particular topic that I am studying in the Bible, preparing a message for, or just sharing with a friend. It is a great book. Every Christian would do well to have a book on systematic theology so that they can really understand what it is that they believe and why they believe it.





If God is Good – Faith in the Midst of Suffering and Evil – By Randy Alcorn. This book has been an excellent read to gain a better understanding of suffering and evil and how God uses these things for His glory and His purposes. I read his book Heaven just after Susana went home to Jesus and it was an amazing book that gives a great biblical picture of what we can know about Heaven. So, this was a follow up book of sorts and it has been good to read. I have been reading this off and on for months, but am now almost do





All of Grace – By Charles Spurgeon. My wife gave this to me after she read it and told me that I just had to read it. This book is a must read for any Christian and I would suggest this as a book to give to anybody you know who you are praying for to come to know Christ. Although it is a short book, it is absolutely packed with such incredible detailed words that illustrate what faith in Christ is all about. I will probably give copies of this book to some of my family members this Christmas…or maybe I shouldn’t wait that long. This book was actually a tract that he used to hand out to people on the street in hopes that God would use it to open their eyes to the truth.of the Gospel.




The Sword – By Bryan Liftin. This is my fun read every night before I go to sleep. It is a Christian fiction, the first of a trilogy. I’m about half way through and so far it has been a good read. It’s about a post apocalyptic/post Christian culture that discovers a copy of God’s Word and how that affects their lives.






I also came across an incredible website recently that has tons of biblical articles, papers, sermons, etc, all from a reformed perspective and all in Spanish. It is like a goldmine of information. So, I have read many articles recently. Just last week, I read a 27 page study on the role of the Holy Spirit. I also emailed it to my new Nicaraguan friend who has asked me to send him more resources to better understand the Bible. Yesterday, I read a paper by John MacArthur on God’s love that was translated to Spanish. The website is www.iglesiareformada.com

Recently Read

The Circle Trilogy – By Ted Dekker. This was my second book that I read by Dekker. The first one was “Three”, which was awesome. This series was really good. It was like a cross between “Bourne Identity” and “Chronicles of Narnia”. It had a Christian redemptive theme woven all throughout. A man named Thomas Hunter finds himself dreaming and waking up in another life where he serves as a valiant warrior and seeks to lead his tribe into truth. He also goes back and forth between both realities, and in his present reality he is trying to save the world from being wiped out by a deadly virus. Its a good book.





Safely Home – By Randy Alcorn. This was a good Christian fiction about a Christian brother in China who faced much persecution because of his faith. His old college roommate ends up going to China to visit him, but has no idea what had become of him since they were in university together. As he learns of his faith and the persecution that he suffers under, his old friend is forced to come to terms with his own view of God. Excellent book.





The Missionary Call – By David Sills. Great book that helps bring more clarity to understanding how a person is called to full-time missions. Clears up a lot of confusion and incorrect understanding of the missionary call.







The Five Dilemmas of Calvinism– This is a book that I am looking forward to reading, especially after my wife read it and told me that it was really good. It basically takes the 5 points of calvinism (TULIP) and talks about the arguments that most people raise concerning each point, and then gives a scriptural basis for how each one of these points completely aligns with the Bible.






The Sovereignty of God– I love love love the doctrine of God’s sovereignty. This should be a good read.








The Gift– This is my fun read at night. This is the second book in the “Chiveis” trilogy.








 Reaching and Teaching– This is the follow up book to “The Missionary Call”, which was a great book that helps unravel the mystery of the call to missions. This book takes it to the next step by describing what the focus of the missionary should be once they have understood that God has called them and they have obeyed. Being the fact that the Lord has been stirring our hearts more than ever to focus on preaching and teaching in our ministry (as well as mercy ministries), I am really excited to read this book.





Maria’s Reading List

Currently Reading

The Bible – Por supuesto! (of course!) She is currently reading through the Book of Hebrews, one of my favorite New Testament books.

The Wisdom of God – By Nancy Gutherie









Great Doctrines of the Bible – By Martin lloyd Jones








Recenty Read

Solamente Por Gracia- The Spanish version of All of Grace by Charles Spurgeon.








Pilgrim’s Progress-By John Buyan. Other than the Bible, this is her favorite book. She has read it several times. I read it once many many years ago. Maybe I’ll read it again soon.







Just Do Something– A great book that debunks the mysticism of finding God’s will. If you are reading this, then perhaps that is a sign from God that you are supposed to read this book…NOT!








Next to Read

Reaching and Teaching







Becoming God’s True Woman-By Nancy Leigh DeMoss








Isabela’s Reading List

Currently Reading

Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew








Ramona The Pest








God’s Names- Maria is using this Bible Study for children to teach Isabela about God.






Recently Read

Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentine








Junie B. Jones and Her Big Fat Mouth








Next to Read

Carolina’s Courage







So, perhaps our reading lists give you all a glimpse into our lives these days.

2 thoughts on “What have we been reading?

  1. I started reading the Junie B. Jones books to my granddaughter, but we found that she began to act out some of Junie B.’s behaviors (unacceptable)! So I recommend that you try the Cul-de-Sac Kids series by Beverly Lewis. These stories are about kids and their adventures as they seek to live like Christ.

    Enjoy your blog so much, Cody. Praying for you often. Your testimony is bringing encouragement and light in more ways than you can know, and you will have many people in heaven coming up to you and thanking you for bringing them there. Can’t wait!!!

  2. Faith, thanks so much for the recommendation on the children’s books. I will definitely check them out. Yes, we don’t want Isabela to be negatively influenced by things of the world, no matter how harmless they may appear. So, thanks so much fornletting me know about this. God bless you.

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