Como estoy aprendiendo el Español? (How am I doing learning spanish?)

So,  just to give you all a glimpse of how I have been doing with regards to learning spanish these last 3 months, I have copied an email that I just wrote in spanish to a new friend that I met while in Nicaragua last week.  We had dinner with him and his wife and little boy.  We learned that he also had a little princess who died from cancer a few years ago.  So, it was good to talk to him and share our lives for the short time that we were there.  I was thankful for the opportunity to speak to him in spanish and encourage him in the Scriptures as we spoke about the Lord.  I asked him if he would ever want me to send him articles in spanish that may help him grow in his faith and love for Jesus.  He was very excited, immediately gave me his email address, and told me that he would love it if I was able to send him some things that would help him grow in his faith.

He wrote me the day that I returned from Nicaragua thanking me for sharing the Word of God with him and encouraging him to pursue the Lord more in his life.  I then wrote him back as a means to continue to encourage him in the Word of God.  I asked him if he had any topics in particular that he wanted to learn more about. He wrote me again the very next day asking if I could help him learn more about the Holy Spirit.

So, here is the email that I just sent him.  This will give you an idea of two things.  First, it will show you (maybe) what kind of progress (or lack of) that I have been making with the language.  Second, it will show you what I am coming to love more and more, and that is sharing and teaching the Word of God.  Though this short email took me about an hour to write, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed writing it and sharing verses knowing that this was going to encourage somebody in Nicaragua to love God more dearly.  Yes, this is what I desire to do every day.  I would be so excited if the Lord just brought me a few people who I could share the Word of God with on a regular basis and just try to pour into them all that the Lord has poured into me.   So, here is the email:  ( for you native spanish speakers, I am truly sorry for butchering your precious language)

Como estas?  Yo espero que todo este bien con tu y tu familia.  Perdoname para no escribiendo en los dias pasados, pero he tenido unos dias muy duros como yo he extrañado a mi hija Susana.  He llorado mucho.  A veces podria ser tan dificil, verdad?  Mi unico esperanza es en Dios y las promesas que tienen por medio de Jesus.  Yo lei Primera Corintios 15 esta mañana.  Yo lei sobre el tema del nuestro cuerpo que vamos a recibir despues de la muerte, un cuerpo que permanecera por siempre y siempre, un cuerpo incorruptible, un cuerpo que falta pecado!  Que bueno, verdad?  La Palabra de Dios me enfortalece siempre.  Las promesas estan maravillosas para cada creyente en Jesus.

Aunque yo se estas promesas,  y aunque yo se que mi hija esta en la presencia de Dios y todos los angeles y esta viviendo en la gloria de una vida perfecta, todavia me duele el corazon.  Pero el dia llegara cuando podemos ver a nuestra hija otra vez y vivirimos con ellas por siempre en la presencia de Dios.

Yo voy a enviarte algunos articulos del Espiritu Santo.  He leido por El Libro de Los Hechos y aprendido mucho de la obra del Espiritu Santo.  Hay muchas personas que creen que la obra del Espiritu Santo es para hacer muchos milagros y El nos da la abilidad para hablar en otras lenguas, pero la Biblia nos dice que El hace mucho mas.  De hecho, la obra del Espiritu Santo por medio el Libro de los Hechos era para fortalecer los dicipulos para predicar el evangelio.  Y Juan 14 nos dice que el Espiritu Santo nos dara para que recordaramos todas las palabras de Dios y El nos enseñara cerca las cosas de Dios.  Jesus nos da El Espiritu Santo tambien para ayudarnos obedecer a Dios y podriamos ser testigos de El aun en sufrimientos.

Podria animarte a leer esos versiculos esta semana?

Juan 14:15-27

Juan 15:26-27

Juan 16:5-15

Hechos 1:4-8

Hechos 2:1-13 * fijate que era la resultado de la bautiza del Espiritu Santo.  No era solo para los discipulos poder hablar con lenguas estrañas, sino que para el evangelio podria escuchado por mucha gente en idiomas diferrentes.

Hechos 4:5-13

Hechos 4:29-31

Hechos 6:1-7

Fijate en estos versiculos cual es la obra del Espirtu Santo y cuales son los resultados luego de que el Espiritu Santo fue enviado.

Bueno mi amigo.  Yo espero que estos versiculos te ayuden mientras continuas caminando con Jesus.

Podria preguntarte…antes de leer estos versiculos, digame cual es tu entendimiento sobre la obra del Espiritu Santo?  Cual es la enseñanza en tu iglesia del Espiritu Santo?

A la verdad, para mi, la obra del Espiritu Santo es algo que yo necesito entender mucho mas.  Es mi anhelo que yo pudiera aprender mas mientras estudiando la Biblia.  Mi deseo es que yo pudiera conocer a Dios mucho mas en mi vida.  Y todo que yo podria aprender, me gustaria compartir contigo, y en la misma manera, todo que tu podrias aprender, compartelo conmigo.

Que Dios te bendiga.  Dale saludos a su esposa de mi.


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  1. Cody, that all looks very impressive to me – (who cannot read spanish at all) I know you are working so hard and I’m sure that you are doing great! Praying for you, Maria and the kids that God will bless all of you during this year in Costa Rica.

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