Happy Heavenly Birthday Sweet Susana

My princess would have been six years old today (March 22nd).   I miss her like crazy, but I have also been comforted so much knowing that she is in the presence of the living God.  I have shed more tears this past week or so than I have in a while.  But whether I shed tears or not, the fact is that I think about her every single day.  It is still a daily battle to walk by faith (knowing that she is in the best place ever and that God is glorified in all of this) versus walking by what my eyes see in front of me and what my heart desperately hurts over (the fact that she is gone from my sight and I won’t see her again until that blessed day when Christ calls me home).  So, it really is a battle, but I am so so so thankful for the Lord who reminds me and comforts me through His Word and through the presence of the Holy Spirit that this life is but a vapor, here for a minute and then gone, but what matters most is our eternal dwelling place.  So, I am learning, like many saints of old as well as present day, to suffer well, to praise Him in the storm…to trust Him at ALL times.  Psalm 62 …”trust in Him at all times…”

My little girl is living out her reward.  She is gathered with the saints of God, the holy angels, and is in the presence of the Lord Jesus!  I’m sure her birthday will be so much better celebrated in Heaven than it could ever be down here.  I can only imagine the incredible things that she is beholding.

She ran her race, and in the words of “our song”, she never let go.  And I must follow and do the same, whether she is with me here or not.  I must never let go of Jesus.  In the words of Matt Redman, “I can see the light that is coming for the heart that holds on.  There will be an end to these struggles, but until that day comes… STILL I WILL PRAISE YOU…STILL I WILL PRAISE YOU, LORD.”  And so, I press on to know my Lord, to take hold of Him, and to never let go.

And so we continue on our journey of walking with the Lord, of never letting go, of praising Him at all times, as we travel to Nicaragua for the next few days to see the area and pray and seek the Lord’s direction as to whether or not He may be calling us to move there to serve as missionaries.  No matter where we end up, our desire is simply to make His name known among the nations so that all may know the blessed hope that there is in Jesus.  Please be in prayer for us as we walk through another birthday without our little princess along side of us, and as we seek the Lord for direction while we are in Nicaragua.

Here are some pictures of the birthday princess.

with best big sister ever!










always laughing with Mommy










Always being silly with Daddy










Always sleeping with "Brown Baby"










Always smiling
























We love you Susana. We miss you so much.  We’ll see you soon.

7 thoughts on “Happy Heavenly Birthday Sweet Susana

  1. May God continue to bless your family and praying that He will open doors where he wants you to be.

  2. Oh my. This one brought tears to my eyes this morning. Your strength and your witness through it all is simply beautiful. Blessings to your whole family today and you celebrate and miss your incredible daughter.

  3. Praying for your family today! May the LORD be mighty in your midst surrounding you with His love, peace, strength, and guidance. What sweet pictures of your beautiful daughter. Can’t even begin to imagine how much you miss her. May your heart hold on, for HE WILL NEVER let go.

  4. Praying for your family! May God comfort you and give you strength as you seek to make His name known. Will pray for safe travels to and from Nicaragua. We traveled there by bus from Honduras back in 2003 and loved what we saw. God Bless you!

  5. Susana was so beautiful and so sweet. An angel even on earth. Thinking of you all
    and praying that you find peace and comfort as God guides you through the next stages of your lives.

  6. Hello – just wanted to wish Susanna a happy birthday. I hope she had a fun day celebrating with the angels. I pray God’s touch for you Mom and Dad and big sis.
    Love and prayers,

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