Just a quick update on daily life in CR

So,  life as a language school student can sometimes feel much more mundane than someone who is a missionary already serving in a foreign country.  I can’t say that I have many amazing stories to share these days because really the bulk of my time is spent either in class everyday or at home just studying, doing homework, and trying to put into practice what I have been learning.  It really is amazing on how fast a day goes by for me these days.  A normal day might look like this:

6:15 AM – Wake up

6:30 AM – Actually get out of bed, shower, get dressed, etc

7:00AM – Steal away for 15 minutes to spend time with the Lord in His word and prayer

7:15 AM – Eat breakfast and run out the door to make it to class by 7:30

7:30 AM – Grammar class for 2 hours

9:30 AM – Tues and Thur we have chapel, the other days I usually get alone somewhere and read my Bible and spend time with the Lord, or on a bad day, I’m cramming to get homework done for my upcoming class.  But truthfully, that really doesn’t happen that often.

10:30 AM – Language class.  This is the class where we just have conversation in Spanish the entire time.  We usually are given a topic that we need to be prepared to discuss.

11:30 AM – Phonetics class.  This is where we are learning how to pronounce words, read, etc.

12:30 PM – Classes end.  Walk home

12:45 PM – Lunch

1:00 PM – Rest, chill with wife and kids, maybe do some homework, usually go on computer to check email, FB, etc.  Sometimes Almost always seem to get into deep conversation with Maria about God, life, mission, family, etc.  haha.

2:30 PM – On Monday and Wednesday I take Isabela to her after-school gymnastics program.  While there, I usually study or do homework.

4:00 PM – walk back home with Isabela, pass by the park where she sometimes convinces me to stay for a few minutes so that she can get her monkey swings in.

4:30 PM – Maybe take some time to read the Bible if I hadn’t yet already done so, maybe play some wii with Isabela for an hour, maybe take a quick nap, or maybe resume deep conversation with wife.  Usually we have to go to the market to buy the food needed for the meal.

5:30 PM – Dinner

6:00 PM – Hang out with family, maybe do some homework

7:00 PM – Maybe watch some Little House on the Prairie with family, read, research on computer, etc.

8:00 PM – Put Isabela to bed (Read and discuss the Bible with her for about 20-25 minutes, prayers, hugs and kisses)

8:30 PM – Chill with wife.  Either resume more deep conversation, watch a movie together, read on our kindles, etc

10:30 PM – Go to bed.  Either read on kindle for a while or watch an episode of 24 on DVD.

So…that’s about what an average day looks like for us these days.  Mixed in with that are the opportunities we get to be involved in a few ministries.  Every Friday, I attend a Bible Study either in the mountains or on the coast with a small group from the church that I attend.  On Sunday, we attend church in the morning and then I attend another Bible study at 3PM that is at the Institute.  So, on weeks that I am scheduled to teach, my free time is spent studying and preparing for the teaching.  Saturdays are usually our free days.  We usually go somewhere, whether food shopping, a little fun trip downtown, hang out with some friends, etc.  I am hoping soon to get involved in a ministry to inner city kids, but so far we have always had something going on.

So, the truth is that language learning is a full time deal.  It takes a lot of effort.  It takes a lot of practice.  And yes, it takes a lot of my time.  But I know that it is an investment.  I may not be able to do much in terms of ministry right now, but I am learning this language so that next year we will be able to live in a spanish speaking country and bring the message of Christ to all those we encounter.  So, for now, it seems like time is sacrificed to language study, but all for the purpose of having all the time in the world to share the message of Christ with those whom the Lord sends us to.  So, it is definitely worth it all.

I did get to go to my first ever professional soccer game last week.  I loved it.  About 9 of the guys from the Institute all went together.  We had a great time.  I’m looking forward to the next one.  I was surprised how cheap it was for tickets.  We are planning on going to see the national team play against Honduras in April.  We will also be traveling to Nicaragua next month for a few days along with many other students.  It is required for us to do this because we have to leave the country every 3 months since we are not residents.  So, hopefully we can use that time to see what Nicaragua is all about.

Ok, that’s about it for now.  Now, I’m off to take Isabela to gymnastics.  Peace.