Haiti Ministry Update

It is such a blessing to know that the ministries that the Lord enabled us to start in Haiti are continuing to bear fruit for His glory even though we are no longer there.  That was our purpose from the very beginning, to develop ministries that would not rise and fall with us but rather would be led by locals there who could carry on the work no matter what happened to us.

And so I am just thrilled to hear the reports of how the ministry is going and how kids and families are still being impacted by the love and truth of Jesus.  I miss the kids that we had really begun to connect with and develop real relationships with.  I was excited about developing the discipleship program.  I miss the 2 young guys (Lures and Anderson) that I was starting to mentor.  I was just about to start meeting with them weekly to teach them how to study the Bible.  I really enjoyed raising them up in leadership roles.  I really enjoyed driving around with them in my truck and having all kinds of discussions about God, the Bible, how to walk with Christ, life, relationships, etc.  These two guys have such a great love for the Lord and desire to be used by Him.  I am privileged to have them in my life.

I am thankful that we have been able to help them both get ready to start college.  I still wish that we could fund their entire college career because I know that they just want to use their talents to bring God glory, but we just didn’t have enough.  But at least we were able to get them started for the first year or so.  By the way, if you want to make a donation for them specifically, go ahead and do so and I will make sure that it is used to pay for their education.  They both have high aspirations, but very realistic aspirations as they are both very intelligent.  Lures wants to become a doctor.  Anderson wants to do something that involves communication.  He already knows 4 languages.  I’m telling you.  He’s smart.  He’s practically fluent in Spanish after studying it on his own and a weekly class for about 6 months.  So, I really pray that the Lord provides the means for them to complete college.  Lures is already in the Dominican Republic and is getting ready to start soon.  Anderson is still in Jacmel and is running the discipleship program and the child sponsorship program.  He will most likely be leaving for college in the Summer.

When Anderson leaves, our good friend Fenel will be taking over the ministry.  He is another great guy who loves the Lord so much.  He has his own ministry that he just started a year ago to minister to the orphans and the poor.  He is doing an awesome job teaching the people about the love and truth of Jesus.  He is going to take over the ministry in Jacmel and Marigot.

Dee Ann Wilson and her husband will take over the ministry in Titanyen helping oversee Victorious Kids Orphanage.  They are really excited that God has led them in this direction.

We are still providing the financial support for these ministries as they are in transition, but soon they will be passed completely from our hands.  We are confident that these ministries will continue to make an impact on the lives of the Haitian people for the glory of God.

I just received an email from Oscar today stating that the kids at the orphanage are doing great.  They are all doing well in school and they are all very healthy.  Oscar continues to raise them up in a godly manner.  They continue to learn about the bible and attend church regularly.  Dee Ann was just there earlier this month discussing plans for the future.

I also heard from Anderson recently that the kids in Jacmel and Marigot are also doing wonderful.  The kids come to the Mission House three days a week.  We are now feeding them a meal as well as having a time to study and learn the Bible.  I am very happy to hear that the kids are truly growing in their love and knowledge of Christ.  May the Lord be pleased in all that is done.

So, here are just a few recent pictures of the ministry lately.  Thank you all for praying for these kids and families and for the love and support that you have shown.

the kids are ready to listen to the Word of God










May these young ones grow to love the Lord with all that is in them!











A new volunteer teaching these kids the precious truth that gives life!













Kenson Rene reciting a memory verse










Giving thanks to God for His provision.










Let's eat!










Sponsored kids from Marigot with their Christmas gifts. Roseline Petit, Francisco Theodore, Christina Theodore, and Modeline Pierre











Francisco "chef la" Theodore is all smiles!












A family desperately needs a bed...










God provides through a generous donor from the states!










They have not forgotten us...and we shall not forget them!











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  1. awesome to see and hear how the Lord has blessed the works you began there…and thta it has a firm foundation…not just in the Lord and the Word but in the hands of the folks who will be leading them in the future.

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