Remember the poor…

Paul, when given the green light by the early apostles to preach to the gentiles, was given the message to “remember the poor” to which he replied, “the very thing I was eager to do.”  (Gal. 2:10)

We too are eager to “remember the poor” as we have done for the past two years in Haiti.  I feel the need to clarify this since we are not in Haiti anymore and are seeking the Lord for direction as to where He is calling us to go.  And as I share about possible opportunities that have come our way, I want to reiterate that God has given us a burden still for the poor, the orphaned, the abandoned, the at-risk, etc.  And though I believe the Lord wants to use me in a greater teaching and preaching capacity, (whether that be through church planting, discipleship, pastoring, or whatever), we are also very eager, as was Paul, to remember the poor.

So, though we can only make our plans, as it is God who shall direct our steps, our plan still is to develop ministries that bring the Gospel message to the marginalized of society.  I am excited as the Lord is growing me and using me more in the ministry of preaching and teaching His Word.  I love learning from God’s Word and then conveying that truth to others. Whether it be each night as I teach my daughter God’s Word verse by verse before she goes to sleep or whether the Lord puts me in front of the masses to preach the Word of Truth, or anywhere in between, I really love to share God’s Word, and I can see that He is giving me a greater joy in doing it and is growing me in that gift.  But, Maria and I are also still burdened by the plight of the orphans and our desire is still to walk out James 1:27 to help care for the orphans and the widows.

So, wherever it is that the Lord takes us, we do plan to minister to the orphans and the poor as well as place the emphasis on teaching the Bible and making disciples.  I see myself being heavily involved in both.  I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for us.

I should also just clarify that we are only JUST praying about the opportunity to go to Peru.  No decisions have been made yet and they most likely won’t be for at least a few months.  And we also want to allow the Lord to show us other possible places that He may be opening up to us.  So, during this time of language study, our hope and prayer is that God would providentially put people in our path whom we make a strong connection with and possibly have the opportunity to join them in their mission work.  We are excited to learn about the opportunity in Peru, but we also want to learn and discover other possible opportunities before making a final decision.  It is great being here in language school being among so many other missionaries who are headed all throughout latin america.  We are excited to learn about the different possibilities.  Please pray that the Lord will lead us according to His perfect plan.

On a final note of humor in language study…or I should say language failure, I have hit some highs and lows.  First, the high.  I attended the weekly Bible Study that our church does every Friday night in the mountains.  There are only about 6 locals who attend, but those are 6 people who are learning the truth of the Gospel, so I praise the Lord.  Anyway, I actually shared in Spanish for the first time.  I just made a few comments at the end of the study.  It was great to be able to speak the language and share a few comments that hopefully brought encouragement to the group.  I only shared for a few minutes, but I was really excited to be able to speak to the people in their language and share the truth of God’s Word with them.  I can’t wait to learn this language so that I can share all the time.

So, of course, after such a great “high” from throwing down such good Spanish at the Bible Study, I was brought way low this morning in church.  The message is in Spanish, but they also have a person translating.  But, I try to just follow the Spanish so that it forces me to listen and learn.  The pastor was talking about how easy it is to be deceived from the complete truth of God’s Word.  He asked a question in Spanish which I thought he said, “Raise your hand if you have ever been deceived”.  And before the question was translated to English, I thought that I was all cool answering the question after just hearing it in Spanish, so I raised my hand.  Only to realize that I was the only one who had my hand raised and at the same time I am hearing the guy translate the question to english stating, “Raise your hand if you like to be deceived.”  And then the Pastor looks at me and says, “Really, you like to be deceived?”  I was so embarrassed!  The whole service stopped for a few seconds as everyone had turned around to look at this weird gringo who for some reason liked to be deceived.  haha.  Ahh, the joys of language learning.

I did however learn a joke in Spanish from my friend at the church.  See if you can figure it out:

Has visto un elefante encondido detras de una rosa?  (Tu repuesta: “No”) (“Y yo digo:)  El elefante se esconde bien, verdad?  Haha!

Ok…I think its time to go to sleep.  Buenas noches a todos!

One last thing…next post will be an update of the ministry in Haiti with some pics.


2 thoughts on “Remember the poor…

  1. *escondido
    Had to use google translate to read your joke. 🙂

    PRAYING the LORD continues to lead you in the path that He has laid out for you. So thankful for these opportunities you and your family are having in Costa Rica. May the LORD firmly restore your hope in His plan for your lives. Praying the LORD continues to heal your hearts. I know on earth they will never completely be healed, how could they be?! But, I do trust and pray that He will continue to do a work restoring the joy of His salvation in your daily walk. May His joy be your ultimate strength as He leads you on this new adventure. BE STILL and KNOW that I AM is GOD!! Rest in the knowledge of His great love for you, and your family. He does have great plans to use you to build His kingdom and minister to people who need His love displayed through willing servants. Excited to hear where God will one day plant you to serve Him. BLOOM!

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