Bienvenidos a Costa Rica

Estamos aqui en Costa Rica.  Pura Vida.   We arrived yesterday.  All is well.  We just moved into our apartment, but we do not have internet hooked up yet, so it will be about a week before I can update again.  We are very excited to be here.  So far, we like it.  I am so excited to be learning spanish so that we can share the message of Christ with the spanish speaking world.  I am so excited that I can already understand a fair amount because of my studies with Rosetta Stone and learning from Maria.  So, I am hoping to become fluent in this next year.

Isabela had her school orientation today and is very excited to begin school next week.  We have our own orientation tomorrow.  It is exciting to be around a bunch of other missionaries that are here for the same reason – bring the gospel to the nations of the world.  We are very excited.

Our apartment is very basic…and rather small, but it is nice.  And we are so excited that we have hot water!!!!

Thanks so much for all your prayers and support.  I will try to update more in the next few days if I have a chance.

2 thoughts on “Bienvenidos a Costa Rica

  1. One prayer answered – safe arrival!

    Now, just a few suggestions . . . relax, enjoy this time being together, learning the language and making new friends in Costa Rica. I remember the food being really great there! Bananas at that time were just a few cents (20 years ago!) and seafood and beans were tasty and abundant.

    Plenty of time later for making big decisions . . . God already knows, isn’t that a comfort?!!! Always in my prayers . . .

  2. Praising God for His provision. Prayers continued for your family and your new mission. May your studies and adjustment to a new country go well. I am excited to hear what the LORD will do for you and through you as you whole heartedly submit to His will. May Christ’s healing hand continue to be upon your hearts. The road you have traveled to get there has been beyond HARD. May CHRIST be your all in all during this transition.

    We have a young woman from our church serving in Costa Rica. She is ministering to young single moms. So thankful to know you will be enjoying the beauty of God’s creation in this precious country. Good news to have another family in Costa Rica to minister to these people who are hungry to know more of our Creator! Rice Bowls also serves there feeding the hungry. Missionaries and ministries dear to my heart. Rejoicing that God has brought your family there as well.

    For His Glory,

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