Isabela’s first written story! Show some love!

I love seeing my little girl learn.  Just a year ago, she did not know how to read or write, and today my little scholar is reading like crazy and writing her own stories.  Her and I read and study the Bible every night and I am so excited to see how much she is retaining and understanding.  She can tell you every topic that Jesus talked about on the sermon on the mount.  What a joy it is to see her grow in knowledge and wisdom.  I am a proud Daddy!

So, here is her first story.  Yes, it is very simple, but she just sat down the other day and started writing.  It wasn’t part of her home schooling or anything.  She just shocked me when she came up and said, “Do you wanna hear my story that I just wrote?”  So, I told her that I was so impressed that I felt it should be posted on our blog.  So, show some love to my little girl Isabela and let her know what you think.  I’m sure she will be greatly encouraged.  I typed it out exactly the way that she wrote it.  I am so impressed.  By the way, she is 7 years old.  Enjoy.

Title – “Jonh and his frends”

By – Isabela

Cool said Jonh.  He just got a soccer ball.  Can I play with it?  Yes, but first clen your room.  Ok said Jonh.  then he went to clen his room.  Knock knock Sam was here.  Jonh come here. said mom. ok. said Jonh.  Hi Jonh. Said Sam.  Hi Sam. Said Jonh. Ok now why don’t you two go and play said mom. Ok said the boys.  I’m going to cook. said mom.  Before they cold go play they herd a knock on the door.  Dad’s here said Jonh.  The boys stopped what they were doing and rushed to the door.  Hey you two. Said Dad.  Can you play with us. Said the boys.  Yes, but first I’m going to say hi to mom. said dad.  Ok said the boys.  Mom, Dad’s here!  said Jonh.  Sam, Jonh. time for diner. said mom.  Ok said the boys.  What did you make for diner? said Sam. chicken. said mom.  Cool. said Sam.  they ate diner then dad said to go to bed. The End.

That’s my little girl!  I love her creativity.  Ok my peeps, show some comment love to my little author.  Perhaps she’ll sign your own copy of her first novel some day.





16 thoughts on “Isabela’s first written story! Show some love!

  1. Sweet Isabela,

    I LOVED reading your story! You are such a good writer, and I loved learning about Sam and Jonh and mom and dad! Keep writing and using that creative gift God has given you.

    I love you!

    See you in July!


    P.S. Anna will get to spend 2 weeks with you in July also!

  2. Isabela, I am so glad you shared your story with us. I have loved to read and write since I was a little girl about your age. God will use your talents and abilities for His glory! Keep writing for Him. Sincerely, Mrs. Garcia (missionary to Chile)

  3. Hey Miss Isabela
    You did a great job with your story. I like the way the people used kind words when they were speaking. I liked how your story has a beginning, a middle and an end.
    Can you tell I am a teacher?
    I would happily give your story one of my special stickers.
    Keep writing, beautiful girl.
    A school teacher in Australia 🙂

  4. Rock the house in Haiti!!!
    Awesome story, thinking maybe next time they can have some mayonnaise with the chicken, just for your dad. :0)

    Keep writing Cole and I look for more update to your story.

  5. Isabela, you are so creative! You are doing such a great job at writing and telling stories! Our son, Samuel, is 7 too and he is in the 2nd Grade as well. He is homeschooling like you 🙂 I read your story to him and he said that he liked your story too!

  6. Isabela, I’m one of your older friends in Canada. I was a teacher for 40 years and your story is super good! Keep writing! What do want to be when you grow up? A writing teacher maybe, so others can learn to write like you? Say hi to your family and all your friends.



  7. I think we need to hear more from sweet Isabella. Perhaps she can even dictate some blogs for us? I think her contributions should be regular occurrences. Hope to see more soon!

  8. Isabela,
    I loved reading your story. You have great talent! I will send a copy to Rachel. Okay? Keep writing and I look forward to reading more of your wonderful stories. I love you and miss you.
    Ms. Tootie

  9. What a blessing!!! I love your story, Isabela! I am REALLY looking forward to reading your next story – I know that it will be just as AWESOME as this one is!!! Thank you for letting your daddy share it with us – it put a HUGE smile on my face!! I’m very proud of you, and I can’t wait to meet you someday soon and have you read one of your very own stories to me!

    With love to you, your Mom and Dad, and your brother!


  10. Aww! Sweet Isabela, that was so awesome!! I can’t wait to see you in July and spend 2 weeks with you!!!

    Love Ya

  11. Okay from a 2nd grade teachers perspective here are my comments (and they are not biased because she is my neice)….

    1) Her story has lots of dialogue. Very good.

    2) Her story has small actions- “First, they heard the knock at the door and then they ran to it.” This is very hard for kids to learn.

    3) Her story has characters and a clear beginning, middle and end.

    4) Her story has a setting (home) and she was able to “show and not tell” about the setting! This is VERY hard to do! Most kids her age would say “John was at home” instead of “showing” the reader where the setting is, as Isabella did.

    Wonderful Isabella!! You get an A++++++ my love!

    Aunt Kerri-Anne

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