This is my wife!!!!!

This is my wife…

Isn’t she beautiful?

This is my wife…

Dear Heavenly Father,

Your word says that I am a mere branch connected you, the living vine. In your word you declare that pruning is necessary if my life is going to look any different than what it is right now. So here I am, prune me.

I can do nothing without you. All of my efforts to stop the sin that has so easily entangled my heart are futile without you. All of my attempts to bring you glory by doing this or that are so empty without you. I want that lasting fruit that only you can produce through your word. So here I am, prune me.

I beg you, don’t just leave me waiting. I know very well that you get much glory if I produce much fruit. So prune me. I want to be fruitful as much as you want me to be fruitful.

I know that in asking to be pruned and availing myself to the blades in the hand of the gardener I am indeed asking for temporary harsh pain in my life. Nevertheless, prune me. For I am well aware that the sufferings that pruning must cause in my life are nothing compared to the glory that shall be revealed when your shears have cut through my heart exposing the junk within and removing the idols that have kept me from you for so long.

So dear Father, prune your daughter and be glorified in doing so. Don’t let me sit here comfortably waiting for this life to pass me by. Don’t spare me from the suffering that is intended to bring me closer to your heart. Don’t listen to my arrogant heart trying to tell you that I had enough. Prune me until all is left is the image of your Son Jesus implanted in my heart. This is my greatest desire. I know it is yours too.

This is not what I often pray for. I know. But it is what I need. So don’t listen to my selfish prayers for protection from your pruning ways. I want to be pruned even if my mind tries to hide away or my heart tricks me into believing that it is too hard. Hear my cry today. Today I give up my rights and I become your slave. So do unto me as you wish. And prune me until I no longer remain. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Isn’t she beautiful?

4 thoughts on “This is my wife!!!!!

  1. WOW!! I want to say that prayer as well. Have tried and then squeemishly run away saying….oh no not that Lord! Thank you for the reminder and the great prayer. I LOVE IT! Prune me too Lord!

  2. awesome post…do you mind if i repost it??? (changing “your daugher” in the next to last paragraph to “your child”….will credit your blog as source… but this is something that many would be blessed by… thanks

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