Lures and Anderson…A worthy investment for Haiti

So, if our desire is to ask many to invest in the lives of young children through our child sponsorship program so that these kids can be raised up with hope and a future, then it is just as great for us to make an investment in young potential leaders that can hopefully make a strong impact on their country.  And for that reason we have started up a Leadership Development Program.  Our desire is to raise up godly Haitian leaders who can reach their own people for the glory of God.

And so I ask each and every one of you to consider investing with me.  We have two young men who have been working with us for over a year.  We hire them as translators when we have teams, but they also volunteer at our children’s programs because they love kids and desire to teach them about the ways of Jesus.  They are young guys who love the Lord, love their country, are very intelligent, and want to make a difference in their country for the glory of God.  They know English by studying at an English Institute in Jacmel.  They finished high school with great grades.  They have great ambition, but…

They live in a country that is so incredibly poor where the average person survives on less than $2 per day.  They work as much as they can, but in a country with an unemployment rate over 75%, well…I’m sure you get the idea.

So, we are starting up a Young Leader’s Sponsorship Program so that we can get young minds, such as these, and help develop them into something that will change the nation of Haiti for the glory of God.

I want to introduce you to Lures and Anderson.  Please consider becoming a monthly sponsor for them and help us get them into college.  Or at least consider making a one time donation so that we can help get them started.  Lures wants to become a doctor.  Anderson wants to have a job that will help his people.  Read about them under the “Leadership Development Program” which is under our “Child Sponsorship” tab on our website

In the past, I have made a few requests on the blog here for funds to help families that were living in deplorable conditions.  I have seen God provide thousands of dollars within just days of posting something.  So, my prayer is that God would stir your heart to give generously to help these two young men.  My prayer is that God will provide in such abundance that we could have their college education paid in full for a year.  Who’s with me on this?

I know these guys well.  As part of our Leadership Development Program, I am meeting with them regularly to study the Bible, to mentor them, to teach them in ministry, etc.  These guys love the Lord and they are very eager to learn as much as possible.  If I had $50,000 I would write their college education completely because I know that it would be an investment that would yield great dividends for the Kingdom of God in Haiti.

So, please read about them in our “Leadership Development Program” section, and pray about what God would have you do to help them.  I know that the Lord can do great things in their life.  And I know that God wants to use some of you to play a role in that.  Please help me get the word out by posting this on your Facebook page and letting people know how they can get involved to make a difference in the lives of the people of Haiti.

One time donations can also be made on-line at  Make sure that you give under Cody and Maria Whittaker – Haiti  and indicate that the gift is for Lures and Anderson.  If you are sending a check, then make sure checks are payable to Global Outreach with our account #3015 listed in the check memo.  Again, make sure you also designate that the gift is for Lures and Anderson.  All giving info is listed on our website.

All donations that are given, whether one time or monthly, will go directly towards paying for their college education.  So, who’s ready to make a very wise investment for God’s Kingdom?  Who’s in?

Anderson St. Georges
Anderson reviewing the Bible lesson at our discipleship program
Jean Lures Frederique
Lures teaching the children about the love of Jesus
Lures and Anderson sharing biblical truth while at the beach with the kids


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  1. Excited for the opportunity God has given you to invest in their lives and praying He provides the funding you need to get them into college. Praise God for their lives. To God be the Glory!

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