Pictures of life and ministry in Haiti…Part 2

Having a field day with the Jacmel kids on a private field.
It's all about SOCCER!!!
These kids were so happy to have a soccer field to play on all by themselves!
Even the little ones were "taking me to school"

Visiting a little boy who just became part of our sponsorship program. Teaching him to play baseball.
and he CONNECTS!!!
A member from Bethel Baptist throws a football to him. It was a blessing to visit with him in his home.
Introducing Wisli and Edens (left and right of boy in the red). Abandoned kids who are now part of our sponsorship program. These kids are so cute! Pray that they get sponsored.
Another orphaned girl who lives next door to Wisli and Edens. We are praying that she too will be sponsored. Her 15 year old and 18 year old sister take care of her. Her name is Jorel
The Rene kids in their school uniforms. This is what the sponsorship program is doing! Praise the Lord!
Our new house. We moved in and then 3 days later had to return to the states where we will remain until Maria has the baby! We thank the Lord for this house!
Daddy and daughter at a nice restaurant...only when it doesn't take 2 hours to get our food!!
Kids at the school in Marigot waiting for our program to begin...
Kids at our feeding program singing a praise song just before eating.
The feeding program takes place at a local church down the road from our Mission House. We feed about 50 kids here each day, including the kids in our sponsorship program
An Manje! "Let's eat!"

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  1. Loved the pictures! How many weeks is Maria? Praying for a smooth and safe labor and delivery!

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