Team Alabama Trip Recap

The Alabama team left early this morning.  The week was great!  So much was accomplished for the glory of God.  In a nut shell, her’s what the team did:

We had them broken up into 3 different groups: The construction group, the carpentry group, and the orphan care group.  The construction group spent the first day helping a missionary friend of mine move him and his family of orphaned children to their new home.  They cleaned the house, took 20 bunk beds apart, and did whatever else was asked of them.  The following 3 days, they sweated like crazy under the hot sun all day as they put razor wire all around our property so that we have greater security.  The carpentry team spent all 4 days working in our mission yard sawing, planing, sanding, and building several pieces of furniture.  They built several benches for our mission/discipleship house.  Now teams have a place to sit when they are in the living room.  And now, the orphaned kids that are part of our discipleship program have a place to sit when they come to hear the word of God.  The team also built a large cubby for the orphanage in Titanyen so that the kids each have their own place to put their clothes.  Then they built benches for the Rene family which consists of 5 of the orphaned kids that are in our program.  And finally, they built 2 book cases for the school in Marigot that we partner with.  This group was great!  The orphan care group spent the mornings visiting the homes of our sponsored families to minister and encourage them.  They visited the Rene family one day, and then the next day, we brought them deep into the mountains in Marigot and Peridot to visit with one of our families there.  We had to walk about a mile from the road to get there.  It was awesome.  The family was so blessed to see us come.  Then, each afternoon, the orphan care group led the discipleship program at the mission house for the orphaned kids in our program.  They did an excellent job.  One day, they made tye-dyed shirts with the kids.  They had a lot of fun.

We also did a few evening outreaches.  One was just a little block party that we had in our neighborhood for a large group of families that are all somehow related to each other.  We bought them some food in the morning and told them to cook up a feast.  So, in the evening we went down there to spend some time with them and just do something fun.  We set up our projector and watched Tom and Jerry cartoons on the big screen.  Everybody loved it.  Another night, we had an outreach in a new neighborhood where my friend Petersen lives.  Petersen is a haitian man that has become good friends with me.  Anyway, we had our first outreach in his neighborhood and it was great.  We showed the Jesus movie and then afterwards I gave a message from the Bible.  The turnout and reception was really good.  I’m looking forward to following up with another outreach there.

We also brought the entire team to the beach for a half day on Thursday.  And then, on Friday, we brought the whole team to the school in Marigot to have a program with all of the students.  Everybody had a great time ministering the love of Jesus to both the students and the teachers.

Many seeds were sown throughout the week and we pray that the Lord would enable those seeds to fall on fertile ground that will bring forth fruits of righteousness.  I am completely exhausted, but very satisfied with all that went on during the week.

3 thoughts on “Team Alabama Trip Recap

  1. praise the Lord! giving glory to the Father that the love of Jesus is being spread so liberally and freely there by the teams that come and visit…Lord, send more laborers to that field! in Jesus name! amen

  2. Hearing about the way God is touching your lives, reading about your day-to-day activities, your inner-most thoughts and emotions truly touches me
    and gives me a real connection to your lives. I pray for your family, the orphans and the people of Haiti daily. Thank you for sharing so well, Cory.

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