In their own words…

I have asked one or a few of the team members to write in their own words what their experience has been this week as they have served with our mission.  Enjoy…

My name is Marlene Fellows and my husband Bobby and I came with a mission team from Grandview Baptist Church in Dothan Alabama. We had been excited about our trip for months. We had to drive from Del Rio Texas to meet up with our team. We were not ready for what we saw when we got

to Haiti. It was life changing for me and my husband. There are so many opportunities to serve the lord here. A great way to do this through Cody’s organization. We were a group of 14 varying ages who came together to do whatever was asked of us. That is the only attitude you should have coming here and you WILL be blessed.  People are grateful for the least little things you do for them, because they have nothing. The country is beautiful and you will not only work but experience the beauty of Haiti in your travels. We did several projects and each one went off with God’s blessings. I was fortunate to be able to go to visit with a sponsored family and take food packets to them. It afforded vitamins and nutrients they would not get otherwise. We hiked a half mile up the river bed and then up through the jungle another mile to get to their home. They had no electricity or water inside the house. The children walk about 3 miles one way to school each day. It brought joy to my heart to see the looks on their faces as we gave them food to sustain them for days and days. They wanted to give us a gift of bananas and coconuts as that was all they had to give us. I was proud to get it and enjoyed every mouthful. I praise God for the chance see these people and put them in my daily prayers. The lives of every person on my mission team will be forever changed. We can’t wait to go home learn some Creole and come back!!!!!!

Marlene  and Bobby Fellows

What a week!!! Four days, 14 team members, well structured housing, the excellency of Haitian meals, and many opportunities to minister!! This week has shown me what flexibility is all about! I’ve been taught early in my growth as a believer that flexibility is a crucial part in a daily walk with Christ! Even if the work you may be doing may seem for nothing, God is at work to shaping you into the follower He wants you to become! I’ve heard this many times and thought I had a great outlook at being flexible, but I found there were many things to learn!! As a Christian we are always learning about the wonders and responsibility of our walk with Christ. This experience has taught me just that! I have been humbled and have a new perspective on what we may call “little things” and how I have been ministered to by the Spirit on how my flexibility can help the kingdom of God!! I am eager to see what challenges and obstacles await me as Christ continues to use me for His glory and His glory alone!

Jacob MacFadden