Li fe cho anpil!!!!

Translation – “It is REALLY hot!!!!”  Yes, we are back in Haiti and sweating profusely.  Maria seems to be getting smaller in the last few days rather than bigger with regards to her pregnancy due to sweating off pounds.  Our flight back was uneventful – in a good way.  Its always good if the flight is uneventful when traveling with a family and about 15 pieces of luggage.  Good thing they didn’t check the weight of our carry-on bags at the airport.  man, we packed those things heavy BIG TIME!!!  Poor Isabela…no 6 year old girl should have to have a carry-on and personal item that consisted of multiple computers, heavy duty locks, creole study books, wii console components, 6 cell phones, and 3 bibles.  Poor child was falling backwards more so than walking forward with the weight of her bags.  Haha.  It may have looked like a cute little “Hello Kitty” kids backpack, but we got serious use out of that bad boy.

So, the heat is insane this time of the year.  Good thing we have tons of fans at our mission house.  I sleep with 2 fans on me because it is so hot.  It also keeps the mosquitoes away, which is good, but they don’t seem to like me much anyway.  Except for that one last year that hated me so much that it deposited malaria into my bloodstream.  Unfortunately, they do seem to like Isabela.  She has already gotten several bites.

The day that we returned, Isabela and I walked with Casey down the street in our neighborhood to where a bunch of kids usually hang out and play soccer with whatever kind of a ball like object they can find.  I give them balls all the time, but there are so many objects around in this area that are sharp, that the balls always pop.  Anyway, it was good to see a bunch of kids and engage with them in conversation.  I was able to talk to them about Jesus for a bit after drawing them all in conversation by joking around with them.  I asked if any of them knew how to read, and several raised their hands.  So, I took out one of my John Piper Gospel Booklets in creole and had the child read some of the verses to all the other kids.  It was really cool.  This opened up some discussion where I was able to ask the kids if they went to church and why some of them did not want to go.

It felt good to reconnect with our little community.  I told one of the older kids there to start asking God to meet his need rather than coming to me with his sad face saying that he doesn’t have anything.  His sad face is what I was initially joking around about with him and all the others.  So, I encouraged him to seek the Lord first before asking me of anything.  He was asking me for another ball…and some shoes…and some clothes…and some…  So, we had a really good conversation where I was able to encourage Him and all the others to seek the Lord first in everything because He is the One who knows their needs and He is the One who has all the resources to meet their needs.  I found a few soccer balls in our mission house and I put one in my truck.  The next time I see this young man, I am going to ask him if he has been praying and asking God to meet His needs.  If He says yes, then I’m going to pull out the soccer ball and give it to him as a way of showing him that God does indeed hear and answer our prayers.

Today was shopping day.  Yes, it took us pretty much the whole day to shop.  We had to go to about 5 different places to get the things we need to live at the mission house.  We were pretty excited though that we found out from another missionary friend of ours where to go here in Jacmel to get things that we usually would have to go to Port au Prince (3 hours away) to buy.  So, we welcomed our shopping day throughout the little nook and cranny streets of Jacmel.  We found out where to buy frozen chicken just a few miles from our house.  Sometimes, Haitians have a hard time with basic mathematical skills such as adding a receipt total.  Such was the case today when I was first charged over $25 for a 10 pack of toilet paper.  I shook my head no when the guy told me the cost, but my wife said that toilet paper was expensive here in Haiti, but I insisted that it was not that expensive.  I had the guy re-check his numbers and sure enough, he realized his miscalculation.  The cost for the 10 pack of TP was really about $5.50, so I told my wife that, yes, we could now afford to buy the TP.

Isabela has been doing great, though I know that she, along with Maria and I, really miss Susana.  Maria and I shed a few tears this morning when we were praying.  Such just seems to be the norm these days.  Isabela doesn’t really cry about it, but she often draws pictures of her, and just yesterday when I asked her to take a private walk with me, she told me that she is still sad about Susana, but she doesn’t like to talk about it.  We still covet your prayers.  Our hearts always hurt beneath the surface, but we are thankful for the grace to walk on.  We just want to be faithful to run the race that He has marked out for us.  That’s all.  That is the ONLY thing that matters to us these days.

Well, thanks so much for all your prayers.  May we all continue to press on in making the name of the Lord great among all nations!

5 thoughts on “Li fe cho anpil!!!!

  1. I hear you guys….especially in the last paragraph. . As the pain is only beneath the surface…we continue to run. That has to be Jesus. Love you much.

  2. I am so glad you are back to Haiti, back home. I will continue to pray for your family and hopefully be able to visit you in Jacmel someday. I will be visiting Haiti in July but I will be with my church’s youth group and we are staying in Christianville, near Gressier. If you see Danny and Leann give them a hug for me. Hopefully my daughter Jeanna will be able to see you when she goes to Haiti for the month of July. She thinks very highly of your family and really hopes to see you. Know that there are many of us blog readers that care very much for you and are so happy to read about your lives. Keep up the blogging and we will keep up the praying!!
    God Bless You!

  3. I was thinking maybe a hand crank ice cream machine will be an item I bring your way so that special treat can cool you down in the heat. Glad to hear that you are training Isabella for the 2024 Olympics Weightlifting competition, sounds as though that backpack may need some reinforcement after all the use. Have a blessed day and enjoy that early morning coolness and the sound of the birds. God Bless

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