Building Haitian Families for the Glory of God

This is Marie Rene, her 2 children, and the 5 orphaned children whom she is able to care for with our help.  As many of you recall, we had found out that she was living with these orphaned children in a tent city, so I asked people to pray about giving some money so that we could get her into a house.  The results were nothing short of amazing.

Because of your giving, we have been able to take her from this:

To this:

A happy haitian family indeed!!!
These happy children now have beds to sleep in too!!!!
And a dining room to eat!!!!

This family is so incredibly happy.  This house is made up of three very big rooms, which is quite large by Haitian standards.  The family is doing well.  They were so excited when I showed up to visit.  Mom showed me the report card of Bertine.  She received excellent marks.  Mom told me that all of the children are doing great in school, except for Abraham.  She said that he does not study much.  So, I had a talk with him and told him that he needs to study more and do his best.  I told him and Mom that the sponsorship program is geared towards helping children who are doing their best.  They don’t all have to get the highest grades, but they do have to be putting forth the effort.  I explained that we want to help those who are trying their best.  If we help those who are not trying, then we are just crippling them rather than truly helping them.  I gave him a little kick in the butt and told him that I want to hear a better report next time I visit.

I gathered the kids and Mom together and told them the 2 most important things there are in life.  First, far above everything else, is to love and worship Jesus with all their heart, mind, and strength.  I told them, “Adore Jezi avek tout ke, tout tet, epi tout fos.”  And I told them that the second most important thing in life is education.  I told them that without being educated, they won’t even be able to do the most important thing of adoring Jesus effectively because they won’t even know how to read and understand the bible.  After talking with them and encouraging them in the Lord, I prayed with them.

I told Mom that I will visit with the family again soon.  We have a team coming in a few weeks and I would like for them to build some benches so that the family has a place to sit at the table to eat.  (notice the above picture of the dining room…no chairs.)

Also, I am going back there right now because Bertine fell down yesterday and has a cut over her eye.  I will bring her and Mom to the clinic to see if she needs stitches.   I reminded Mom that that’s what we are here for and that’s what this sponsorship program is designed for, to help with things like education, food, shelter, and medical care.  So, I told her that any time her children need medical care that all she needs to do is call me and let me know.  So, I am off to the clinic now to have her checked out.

When I come by in a few weeks with the team, we are going to bring her a bunch of food, we will pay for the rest of the children’s tuition for the year, we will buy some clothes and sandals for the children, and we will bring her some benches that the team will make.  I can’t wait to see the expression on their faces!  And we are able to do all these things through the sponsorship program.

And this is how God is providing for this family and many others through your continued investment and giving through our child sponsorship program.  Thank you all so much for being involved.  This is what brings me great joy – to see orphaned children being brought up in Haitian families and growing together in the grace, knowledge, and love of Jesus.   May we the body of Christ Jesus bring glory and honor to Him in all we do.

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  1. Cody, it was so heartbreaking to see Marie and the children living in a tent subject to the weather. The new place is beautiful! God bless Marie for taking in the kids and making them into her family. It’s a wonderful thing to see!

  2. Thank you people of God for all the goods you did and continue to do in my country.may God bless you all

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