We’re going cruisin’

Thanks to a wonderful couple who have started Joy-Hope Foundation, a foundation that helps families grieving the loss of a child, we are going on an all expenses paid 7 day Caribbean cruise vacation!!!!  We leave tomorrow morning.

We are cruising out of Puerto Rico, so we will spend a few days in PR before leaving for the cruise.  Maria was born and raised in Puerto Rico and we are very excited to take Isabela there so that she can see where Mommy grew up.

So, I will be leaving my computer behind and will not be blogging for the next week.  Please pray for our time together as a family.   Thanks so much!  God bless you.

And once again….a BIG THANKS to Allan and Amy of the Joy-Hope Foundation!!!!  You guys have really blessed us!!!!

11 thoughts on “We’re going cruisin’

  1. WOW!!
    How Awesome for your Family!! Enjoy your Quality Family time together!!! I will be praying for you …Especially for Isabela..In that she won’t have her beautiful little sister to play with. I will Pray that Jesus fills that Void and Blesses her abundantly!!!

  2. Thank you, Lord, for such a wonderful blessing!!! I’ll be praying for a time of incredible bonding, and protection over your family – both physical and spiritual! Thinking of you!

  3. Praise God!! What an awesome blessing!! I pray you have a wonderful, restful, and restoring vacation. God Bless you!!

  4. We will be praying for an absolutely fabulous time for God to meet you and give you rest and relaxation and fun. You all need to have fun. That is what Susana would want more than anything! So, rest assured we will be praying for those in Haiti, and those in Japan and for anyone suffering in this world. WE will be interceding this week on behalf of your family. All you need to do…..is rest! And…. please have fun with our little Isabela! Rub that little tummy too and bless it for us as we pray for him/her each day as well! love you all!! Missy and family

  5. I know as I write this your already in PR. So I hope to hear that your all enjoying yourselves. I hope God blesses this time for you, Maria and Isabella. Faith

  6. How wonderful that you, Maria and Isabela can have this time away together to reconnect with each other and to begin the healing. Such a blessing that Maria will get to visit her home country and that Isabela will see where her mommy was born.
    My prayers this week will be for smooth sailing for the Whittakers!

  7. I was so excited to see that you were given such a wonderful gift. You needed to have a chance to make new memories of your newest family dynamic. I hope that you allowed yourself to enjoy it – I know sometimes after a physical death it is hard to give yourself permission to laugh, permission to have fun, and even permission to take a break from grieving! I have prayed that you had a time to do all three. I care very much for your family, and wish daily I could have somehow changed things, but all anyone can do is move on. Please be blessed in all you do, my friends! Love in His Name, Judi

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