The fallen comrade

Two men, who have grown up together as best friends, enlisted in the war together, stood together taking the pledge to serve their country at all costs, are now in the same fighting unit moving from bunker to bunker taking back enemy territory.  As they move towards another bunker, amidst heavy fire, one of them is hit…and it appears to be fatal.

They reach the bunker, where the other friend is only able to hold his friend in his arms and comfort him as he dies.  And that is exactly what happens.  The friend that was hit says his last few words, “Don’t you worry buddy, we’re gonna win this war”, and then he dies.

The friend who is still living has but only a moment to hold his comrade’s fallen body, to weep, to scream, to cry out, but then he must let him go and move on.  He must remember that he is still in a war.  He must not forget that, though his comrade reached the furthest bunker that he would reach in taking back enemy territory, that he himself still had more bunkers to reach and more territory to capture.  He must not forget about the pledge that he made to his country, a pledge to serve his country above ALL ELSE.

And so, he has a choice to make in that moment while in that bunker.  If he stays there lamenting too long over his comrade and best friend, he will render himself ineffective in the fight.  Other comrades will eventually suffer.  He himself will be put in danger by remaining there because eventually the enemy will reach that bunker and overtake him.  And most importantly, if he chooses to stay there in that bunker with his friend who is no longer living, rather than continue in the fight, he will be breaking the pledge that he made with his friend as they swore an oath that they would give their very all for their country.

And so, in that bunker, in those few moments, there is agony of soul that the man has never known.  He doesn’t want to leave.  He feels like leaving would be abandoning his best friend.  But he knows that his best friend really would not be abandoned because his best friend is no longer living.  But, nonetheless, he still feels that way.  He hurts.  He hurts more than ever.  He can’t bear the thought of moving to the next bunker without his best friend there beside him.  They fought together from the very beginning.  And now he would have to go alone in the continuation of his fight.  Sure, there are other comrades in his troop, but to him, he would feel all alone.  In that moment, he feels lost.  He wonders if there is really a reason for him to go on and continue fighting after he has just lost a person that meant the world to him.  But deep down inside, he knows that there is still a greater purpose.

He wrestles.  All within less than sixty seconds, he wrestles and agonizes. There is enemy fire still around him.  The rest of the troop is saying that they need to advance to the next bunker.  The war is not over.  So, with great fear, yet also a strength and resolve that is beyond him, he lays his fallen friend down, picks up his rifle, and charges on.  He has tears while charging, tears of both a great sadness in his heart, but also of a firm belief in the last words of his best friend.  And he charges ahead saying to himself, and also to his fallen comrade who he can no longer see, “Don’t you worry buddy, we’re gonna win this war.”

And that’s my story these days.  Oh how I sometimes want to stay in my lament over losing Susana.  Sometimes, I don’t want to leave the bunker.  The thought of going on without her scares me.  But I know that there is still a battle that we are engaged in.  And I, as the troop leader of my family, have other comrades that need me to lead them.  I need God’s strength to do it.  And God’s strength is exactly what I get.  Sometimes, the thought of leaving the bunker with her behind causes me to feel like I am abandoning her.  But when I feel that way, God’s grace and truth remind me of where she is.  She is in the presence of the living God.  She is in the best hands ever.  She is not being abandoned.  She is being embraced and loved more so than she ever has.  But these are feelings that I am forced to wrestle with from day to day.

But, I have made my pledge, not to my country, but to my God.  And my enemy is not just a foreign country trying to take land and resources, but an enemy that is trying to take my soul.  And my victory that is promised is not just for freedom and equal rights here on this earth for a time, but freedom to love and worship Jesus in a perfect heaven for all of eternity.  And though we taught Susana about the victory that we have in Jesus, she has taught us, and reminds us all the time of the final result.  As I weep in the bunker, she is probably saying from Heaven, “Don’t worry Daddy.  Remember what you taught me.  We win the war.”

And so, amidst tears, both tears of sadness over missing my precious comrade as well as tears born from a great conviction of knowing the truth about our final destiny, I pick up my weapon, and I leave the bunker.  I know that Susana is not left behind in that bunker.  That bunker was simply her last place that she advanced to here on this earth.  But she was raised from that earthly bunker and now is living at the never ending victory party.  But I have more bunkers to advance to while I am here.  I have made a pledge, by His grace that called me, to press on and worship Him all of my days and to share this incredible message of hope and truth with the world.  And so, with tears, and with a faith that is not my own, I press on.

Don’t mistake me here.  I weep still.  I think about Susana every single day.  My heart has pain.  But, I am not crippled by any of those things.  Those things, by His grace, have not rendered me ineffective.  On the contrary, those things have given me a greater clarity of purpose to continue to press on.  I want to run my race with a greater perseverance, for I know the incredible prize that awaits those who finish hard.  And I know that my daughter is waiting for me at the finish line.   I want to fight with a greater tenacity, for I know the plans of the enemy to kill and destroy.  And I am more mad at sin than I have ever been because through sin this world became cursed with all kinds of pain, suffering, and disease.  But I also know the vengeance that God will take upon my greatest enemy.  And so I fight with a tenacity knowing that the day will certainly come when my enemy is completely defeated.  And I know that the enemy wants me to be rendered ineffective by remaining too long in the bunker.  I have heard of many stories personally of those who did get stuck in the bunker for too long.  And they lost years.  But I hear the voice of my Commander-in-Chief saying, “Press on.”  And I hear the voice of my greatest little cheerleader in Heaven saying, “Go Superdaddy. Go.”  And so, I go.

Today is Susana’s birthday.  Happy Birthday my sweet precious baby girl.  Daddy loves you and misses you so much.  But Daddy is pressing on.  He will not get stuck.  Daddy is still running his race and will meet you at the finish line.

10 thoughts on “The fallen comrade

  1. I am always amazed at how God gives you such wonderful analagies to describe your emotions and how we are to walk in Him. We all stand together with you in this battle and will do our best to encourage you, pray for you and love you all thru the battle until we too reach the goal of meeting our King face to face! Thank you for sharing- and please know that your words have dual meaning- we all worry and love your family so much and want to know how your doing, along with that we all long for a deeper meaning in life…the word God gives you to share strengthens so many! Happy Birthday to Princess Susana! Give Jesus a big squeeze for us!!

  2. Romans 16:20 20 “The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you. ”
    I love this verse because it is a promise that God will crush Satan at the end; but what I really love is that God will crush Satan “under your feet”…..God does the crushing but it gets to be under YOUR feet – YOU will get to smash Satan under YOUR feet. The day is coming!
    Reading that today is Susanna’s birthday brought me to tears; I am so sorry that you face today without her. I will be praying continually for your family all day.

  3. Happy Birthday to your sweet Susana…she is missed by all, and I know that she is missed tremendously (more that words could ever express) by you, Maria, and Isabela. But I know that she is celebrating right now with the King, and it’s the best birthday party that any one of us could ever wish for.

    My Lord and my God…walk with Cody, Maria, Isabela, and all those who weep with them today. Comfort them on this special day – bring hope and faith, and a determination to hold onto You.

    My heart breaks for you, and with you. I don’t ever take for granted the heartache that you are experiencing – I think about you daily, and pray for you always. I too hate the fallen state of our world, and I’m angry with its sin.

    Oh, how I can’t wait to meet your baby girl in heaven! I can’t wait…

    Love you guys…

  4. Happy Birthday Susana!
    ((HUGS)) for the rest of the family! Once again your post Stirs my soul.

  5. Dear Cody, Maria, and Isabella,

    We continue to pray for you. We celebrate Susana’s life with you, and we mourn your loss right along with you. That story illustrated your feelings perfectly. I am sure it would be almost impossible to leave the bunker. However, just like you said, that is what she would want you to do. I am sure of it! We will be praying special prayers for you as you take those hard steps out of the bunker and know God will take each step with you. We love you!

    In Him, Missy and family

  6. Praying for peace and comfort for you all!! What a beautiful powerful illustration…Happy birthday precious Susana!! She celebrates on the streets of Gold! So sorry for a tough day, yet rejoicing in the hope set before us! Rest in Him… Praying and Trusting…..

    Phillipians 3:10-16 “…that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and may share His sufferings, becoming like Him in his death, that by any means possible I may attain the resurrection from the dead. Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect, but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own. Brothers, I do not consider that I have made it my own. But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. Let those of us who are mature think this way, and if in anything you think otherwise, God will reveal that also to you. Only let us hold true to what we have attained.”


    This world can sometimes paint a hopeless picture
    With only glimpses of what could be
    But I believe these are perfect plans
    By the God who will redeem
    So I’m left to face the trials
    All my hope is fixed on you
    I’m so thankful for your spirit that guides me
    In this world that I walk through

    And I am never alone never forgotten or an afterthought to you
    Oh and I am never alone not left to my own strength to make it to make it through

    He has made with us a promise
    Built on the most amazing grace
    Found in the childlike surrender
    Just the smallest seed of faith
    Blessed assurance hopeful future
    Peace to calm the mighty storm
    When it seems like nobody else cares
    Yes my God he will be there

    And I am never alone never forgotten or an afterthought to you
    Oh and I am never alone not left to my own strength to make it to make it through

    And I will never have to fear my god is hear right here
    Spoken words of truth from the God that never fails you never fail

    And I am never alone never forgotten or an afterthought to you
    Oh and I am never alone not left to my own strength to make it to make it through
    And I am never alone never forgotten or an afterthought to you
    Oh and I am never alone not left to my own strength to make it to make it through

    And I will never have to fear, you’re right here.

  7. Happy Birthday to sweet Susana. I know you are missing her so much and it is amazing to see God using you in the midst of your grief.
    Phil 3:12-14 Paul talks about pressing on toward the goal to win the prize which is Heaven. Susana already has her prize, but I know as a parent you would rather have her here with you. She was blessed to have you and Maria as her parents and sweet Isabella as her sister.

    I will continue to pray for your family as you walk through each day.


  8. Your words are so beutiful and they give me strengh to go on to the next bunker. My Mother passed on March 21 2009 I cant believe its been 2 years and I still miss her and cry.

  9. Wow.! Very well put! Thankyou 🙂
    Continuing to pray for your family!
    Thankyou again for this!

  10. Cory, how could you not always miss and yearn for Susana . . .but you are right, you will go on and you will do all that God has set out for you.

    Someday, Heaven will be ours, too, and we will see them again. Always praying for your family and for your return to Haiti.

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