Susana’s Homecoming Celebration is On-line

To those of you who would like to view a part of Susana’s Homecoming Celebration service that we had last week, please click on this link.  Please sign the guestbook there and let us know how Susana has touched your life.

I am praying about writing a book in the future detailing all that we have been through and how God has revealed Himself to us through our most difficult trials.  This was never my intention to do this, but so many people have said that my writing should be published so that others may grow and give glory to God also, therefore I have to believe that the Lord may be giving me this platform to make His glory known.  To think about how the Lord might use our trials and Susana’s death to lead many many people into the Kingdom of God just brings tears to my eyes.  I can’t wait to bee gathered in heaven among a huge group of people and the Lord says, “Do you see all these people gathered here?  They are here as a result of me choosing to use Susana and your family as an instrument to display my glory.”  Oh how I know my soul will sing greatly when I can finally see.

So, please pray for me that the Lord will give me wisdom and courage to continue to put into words the things that He is doing in my life.  It is painful.  My heart hurts much every day.  I miss my little girl more than words could ever convey.  But the Lord is our comfort.  he is our strong tower where we can run to.  He is the God of all comfort.  And only in Him can we find the strength and faith to persevere for His glory.

I would ask a favor.  If you think that perhaps I should write a book, would you help me get the word out?  Please copy this post to your Facebook page and ask others that you know to do the same.  Tell all your friends and co-workers and family members to go to to view the Homecoming Celebration.  The more comments we receive on the new site , the more there is the possibility of catching the eye of a publishing company.  Let me know what you think.

The way I see it is that this will have to be the Lord’s doing and nothing of my own.  I am not looking for fame.  I am not aspiring to be an author.  I only want the Lord to be glorified through even our deepest valleys of pain.  And I want others to know, many others, that He is good.  That He truly is all sufficient.  I would never have chosen such a platform that involved such a cost.  But perhaps the Lord is answering my prayer that I have prayed since I came to know Him at age nineteen, “Lord, use me for Your glory.”  His way of answering is certainly not what I would have expected.  But He is God.  And if this is how He is choosing to use me for His glory, then so be it.

On one final note…We are in Haiti right now!  We came down yesterday to surprise the team that was scheduled to come.  They were totally surprised to see us greet them at the airport in Port au Prince.  We will be here for about 10 days.  We are still grieving and we will always be grieving to some degree, so it is better for us to grieve and still go.  We are sad, but we are not hopeless.  We hurt, but we are not paralyzed.  God is able to move us forward in His kingdom work even amidst our grief and pain.  We will take our grief and pain and allow the Lord to turn it into worship, sacrifice, and giving.  May He use us to continue to touch the lives of the broken.  And so, we press on knowing that He still has a plan for us to do while we are here on this earth.  God bless you.

9 thoughts on “Susana’s Homecoming Celebration is On-line

  1. Cody,

    I cannot tell you how excited I was when I heard you were prayerfully considering writing a book!! I was saved when I was 9 years old, went to Christian school and attended church regularly. No sermon, bible study or class has changed me as profoundly as your blog. I grieve for you as you are enduring the waves of pain that come as you miss your daughter, but I am SO, SO very grateful for the revelations that God has shown you and even more grateful that you have so openly and honestly shared with us all. My view of God has changed so much in that it is not a struggle, but a honor every day to live for Him, no matter what the circumstances!! Each blog has taught me more and more about the wonderful God we serve, and how to better serve and glorify Him! Thank you also for your post about the prosperity gospel. I have some friends who recently graduated from seminary and this is their view point. We have had discussions about it, but I thought maybe my feelings about or prior teaching was wrong, after all they were the seminary graduates. Thank you for making this issue crystal clear from a biblical standpoint.
    I look forward to reading your book, and if there is anything we can do to help, please let me know. We might have some contacts in the people we drive for.

    In Christ,
    Kelly (Joe Hughes sister)

  2. My dear Brother and Sister in Christ,

    I’ve followed your blog since the beginning of Susanna’s illness. I’ve prayed for you, rejoiced for you, and cried at every new blog you posted. Your strength, love, and passion for Christ has been riveting. You have inspired me to say everyday, “God IS Good!”

    The words of the song, “though the darkness closes in Lord, still I will say: Blessed be the Name of the LORD”

  3. Cody, every time I have read an entry into your blog (since you and Maria first joined our connect group) I have thought “What an eloquent man” Even more so, through your journey with Susana I have told my friends and family that I wish you would write a book about this. I for one will be one of the first to buy, and stand in line for you to sign. And when that book hits Barnes and Nobel, well I will just park my but with my coffee in the Christian book section, and tell everyone to buy!!!

  4. As a nurse who works with families that have cancer – your writings would provide many with comfort and support. After 20 years, I have never seen anyone express this process as well as you did and continue to do. I think a book would bless and help many who have walked your path and help those who will be next

  5. Blessings Cody and Maria and Isabela… Continuing to keep you all in my prayers and praying for your mission in Haiti! Praise God for the strength to GO!

    May the Holy Spirit continue to guide and lead your steps and words and what God would have you do to glorify Him and help others to cope and grow in faith through the suffering, trials and heartaches of letting go of someone into His Glory to be used to bring others to God’s Kingdom and believing His truth above all else.

    Headed over to view Susana’s Homecoming Celebration though whatever you all were able to share here on earth pales in comparison to the beautiful one Susana had as she walked into the Presence of Our King…though I’m sure yours came close, there is nothing that would be as amazing as being in His Presence and watching His arms embrace Susana as He welcomes her into His loving arms and home, of no more suffering or tears, no more pain and our hope of our tomorrows gathered with Him. I trust and know that God will use your words to express His love for Susana as a tribute to her! To God be the glory! in your work, in your words and in your decision…

    Peace, love, prayers and JOY,

  6. I have followed your beautiful bittersweet story since you came to Miami from Haiti at the first news that Susana was not well. Our prayer group at Volvo shared your blog site.
    I have since shared your story with so many others to lift up Susana and you all in prayer. I attended Biltmore Baptist when I lived in Asheville, and now attend First Baptist Spartanburg. You were on our prayer list, and will continue to be lifted up. You are also on my PRAISE list, as I praise God everyday for families such as yours who glorify God in so so many ways. The John Piper video is so true on what makes God beautiful. You all have made God so very beautiful.. So real. So touch-able. So ever-present in all of your writings.
    I would look forward to seeing you allow more people to hear your story through printed media or screen media. I am seeing billboards up about the movie being made for Hannah Sobeski, a Spartanburg local teenager who succombed to cancer a few years ago. Her family, much like your inspired and encourage thousands of others with their faith. They continue touching lives, and will touch many more with the movie. I hope you will do the same. God bless you and your precious family.

  7. I have been following little Susana’s story since Ana asked us to pray for her. I have included her in my prayers every day since then. I know that she is with our dear Lord and laughing, running and playing.
    I ask God to give you the comfort and peace to heal your broken hearts.
    Love and Blessings,

  8. Hey Cody,
    We visited you guys in MCH right after you found out. We’re up in Canada now planting a church. I have shared your story with the body here, and as I am sharing this week on God’s sufficiency in our lives from 2 Corinthians 9, will be quoting some of the things that you wrote. God is able, my brother. He will give you and is giving you everything that you need. Love you guys. Keep serving him!


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