That’s all I keep on saying every time I open up my email and see yet another message from somebody stating that God laid it on their heart to give money to help the Rene family get into a home.  It has been overwhelming.

I stated less than 24 hours ago that it would be great to raise $500 or so to get this woman with 7 orphaned childen that she is caring for out of the tent and into a home.  Well…to the praise of His goodness…we have received over $2,000!!!!  WooHoo!!!!

This is amazing!  We will be able to get this woman and kids into a decent home and posibly pay for 2 years rent rather than just one, as well as purchase some beds for the children since right now they are sleeping on the floor. 

I don’t know if I should say, “Stop Giving” or “Let’s keep on giving so that we can bless the socks off this whole family.”  I love it when we seek to do something meager and the Lord turns it into something huge.  That is when you know that it truly is the Lord who is orchestrating everything.  May He alone receive all glory and praise!

So, to keep my conscience clear, I want to let everybody know that over $2,000 has been raised to help this family, which is more than enough to get them into a home for the year which was the original intent.  We don’t “need” anymore to do what we originally wanted to do.  But, if you all want to keep on giving to really bless this family, then by all means go ahead and continue pouring it on.  I can assure you that whatever amount is given will be used strictly for this family in one way or another, whether it be used to pay for multiple year’s rent or furniture or whatever.  This family is going to be absolutely blown away when they hear what the Lord has done for them!  Oh, I am so excited!!!

Yes, like I said in my last post, living out James 1:27 definitely requires sacrifice.  And thank you all for sacrificing and stepping out in faith.  But how rewarding it is to know how this has pleased God our Father in such an amazing way.  You are indeed caring for the orphans in their distress…and that is a HUGE deal to God.  Well done, people.  Well done.

7 thoughts on “WOW!!!!!

  1. Praise God for His provision!! … I was wondering, is there any possibility of purchasing a home for Rene with these funds so she could have a place that is permanently hers? Of course I am naive about the details of building a home in Haiti but it happened to cross my mind that when Paige Livesay was raising funds for homes I thought it was mentioned that one house cost $2500 to build – which is so close! Thank you so much for being an advocate for those who need their voices heard.

  2. I am so happy to be part of this and so glad that Cory brought this to our attention. I know that God called my name and pray that I will always hear Him when He does.

  3. Stephanie,

    Yes, it would be wonderful to be able to build a permanent home for this family, as we have been able to build for several others after the earthquake. But the truth is that it takes a decent amount of more money to do that, especially since she does not own any land. We were rebuilding houses for people who lost their homes in the earthquake, but these were for people who already owned their land. The cost in Jacmel for a basic 2 room house with a little porch is about $5,000. But to buy the land to build on, especially in Jacmel, costs several thousand dollars more. So, for now, this is out of reach. But who knows what the Lord has in store for this family? I know He will provide for this family. And this money that has come in is going to go a long way for them. Blessings to you!!!

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