Pics of giving gifts to sponsored children in Jacmel

Yes...This is where the Rene children live (Bertine, Bergina, Abraham, Didine, and Flone, and 2 other children.) Thank you for sponsoring them. Maybe we can help them get into a house.
Bertine and Bergina Rene...Happy to have us visit them in their "home."
The two other Rene children who are being helped as a result of multiple sponsorships for the Rene children. He is signing our sponsorship agreement because apparently "Mom" does not know how to read or write. We'd like to change that.
Me with the Rene kids.
Bergina Rene so happy to receive a pretty backpack, thanks to a donation given to purchase gifts for all the children in the family.
Abraham Rene is all smiles as he receives his gift
All the kids holding up their new backpacks. They were so happy.
Naiveca Nicolas happily receives her gift from her sponsor
Also receiving a backpack from us...
Very happy to receive such a pretty dress. Thank you Christine...

One thought on “Pics of giving gifts to sponsored children in Jacmel

  1. Thank you so much for taking these pics Cody!! I am so blessed to be able to see these smiling faces once again. I am especially blessed to see my sponsored child receiving the gift I sent – how awesome is this!! Thank you too for caring the package down for me. To God be the glory!!! Christine

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