Haiti Recap Days 4 and 5 – Victorious Kids Orphanage

Victorious Kids Orphanage – that’s the name of the orphanage that we are now overseeing in Titanyen.  There are 18 children, half of which are orphaned and half of which have simply been abandoned.  This is a Haitian run orphanage, which is exactly what we want.  Oscar, who is the Director and a close friend of mine, is doing an amazing job of caring for these kids.  He has been working in orphanages most of his life, so I know he is capable and he is passionate for caring for the kids.  There are currently three other staff.  We call them “mommies”.  One mommy cooks each day.  One mommy washes clothes 3 days a week.  And the other mommy stays with the kids and lives there.  This is a great start, but we certainly need to hire additional mommies that are specifically there to care for the children.  I know that the Lord will provide the funding needed to hire a few more mommies.  Our operating costs are currently around $850 per month.

We also just built a water cistern thanks to a generous donation from a supporter.  There are also 2 filters so that the water is very clean and drinkable for the children.  I am so excited that these kids are getting good water.  We also are having food brought to the orphanage regularly thanks to our contacts with Kids Against Hunger.  So, what a blessing it is knowing that these kids are eating 3 times a day.  All of the children have been going to school, thanks to the sponsorship program and additional support.  Again, what a great blessing to know that these kids are being given that opportunity.  With the remainder of the donation that was given for the water filter, we are getting ready to put up a gate so that the orphanage will have the needed security.

The orphanage is still in a most primitive state, but I know that the Lord will provide all that is needed to develop it.  It was just built last year.  It is just concrete block with a concrete floor, but none of the concrete is finished over.  Recently, a metal roof was put on thanks to a group from North Carolina Baptist Men.  They sometimes also bring teams over to minister to the children.  They originally provided cots for all of the children.  This was great since at that time, they had no place to sleep.  But next month, I am bringing down a team from Biltmore Baptist Church (our home church) and the team is going to build bunk beds for all the children.  Hopefully, we can also have them work on some other things as well while they are there.  There are still so many things needed in the orphanage, but the Lord is going to provide as He has been doing.   I will be adding a needs list to our website soon.

So, on Day 4, we went to the orphanage with a group of women and children that were staying at the Global Outreach Base.  The kids were so happy again the minute that we drove up.  They were cheering and shouting again.  These kids are so joyful!  It is amazing.

Anyway, the kids were happy to meet the rest of the group, especially the kids in the group.  We all sat down at the table and made bracelets with beads.  They had so much fun.  We had letter beads and colored beads and so many of the kids made a bracelet that spelled their name.  I made one that says “VKO” and I wear it proudly.  I love every one of these children and consider it a privilege to bear the responsibility of their well being.  They call me Papi Cody.  I’m honored.

And the Lord continues to provide.  While there, two of the women that were in our group, whom have become friends of mine, came to me and said that they each want to sponsor one of the children there.  So, two more kids are now being taken care of and will have all the opportunities needed to be successful and develop well.  Praise God for His provision.

After leaving the orphanage, I went with Susan (our Global Outreach missionary friend), who was part of our group, to a children’s program in Arcaye that they are helping out with.  We all had a good time.

Day 5 was spent going to church with all of the kids.  What a crazy experience that was!!  They were all over the place.  They could not sit still.  They had to go potty every 5 minutes.  One of them got sick and went to sleep on my lap.  Others were playing with their toy cars and causing other kids there to try to take them.  One of our kids got into a scuffle with another kid there and got punched in the face!  I’m serious!  Right in the middle of singing “Here I am to Worship” in Creole, I’m breaking up a fist fight!  It was crazy!  I also had the opportunity to see some other kids there from the Tytoo Orphanage where we were for a month last year.  It was good to see some of those kids.

After church, I had an incredible lunch with one of the other missionary families at the GO base in Titanyen.  Then I headed back over to the orphanage to hang out with the kids one last time and to take an assessment of all the needs for the orphanage.  Oscar showed me their report cards and I was so happy to see that most of them did well for the first quarter.  Some of the kids did not do that well for the reason that they have not been in school for so long.  And for others, this is their first time ever going to school…and they are like 9 or 10 years old.  So, I spent some time encouraging the kids.  I told them that there are 2 most important things in this life.  The most important thing is to worship the Lord and love Him with all our hearts.  And the other most important thing is education.  Because without education, they won’t even know how to read the bible and understand the ways of God.  So, it was good being able to speak into their lives and encourage them.

That was about it.  I said goodbye to all the kids, told them that I love them, and that I will see them soon.

So, that was my trip.  It was an incredible time.  I’m looking forward to returning in February, and even more looking forward to when we can return as a family to live there.  Thank you all so much for praying for me and supporting us in our ministry there.

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  1. Pictures coming tomorrow. I will also send pictures of sponsored kids to each respective sponsor via email. So, I have some pics of your kids who you and Jim are sponsoring that I will be sending to you soon.

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