Haiti Recap Day 3 – Yon Gwo Fet la!!!!

A Big Party!!!!!  That’s what Day 3 was mainly about.  Fenel drove me from Jacmel to Port au Prince early in the morning.  I had Oscar (the Director of the orphanage) meet us in Port au Prince so that we could go shopping for the party.  After getting the chicken in Bon Repot, we headed to the orphanage in Titanyen.  As soon as we pulled into the driveway of the orphanage, the kids all came running out screaming and shouting for joy!!!  They all swarmed around me to hug me and they were just so excited.  I was too!!!!  It was beautiful.  It was such a blessing to see the happy smiles on all the children.

After spending some time with Oscar and discussing direction and vision for the orphanage, which we are now overseeing under our ministry, I gathered the kids together and distributed gifts to them.  Some of the children are sponsored and so I had some gifts from their sponsors in addition to gifts that we purchased for each child.  We gave toy cars, dolls, jump ropes, footballs, soccer balls, and other things.  The kids were so excited!!!  We had a blast!!!  They loved the singing card that my mother sent, which also included a crisp one dollar bill for each child.  The card played “Frosty the Snowman” when opened, and the kids absolutely loved it.

Then the kids started singing songs and doing dances.  It was so cute.  I was taking video and the kids were cracking up when I showed them the video.

As evening set in, I was walking into the room where all the kids were and all of a sudden they all simultaneously erupted into this huge cheer.  Then I realized it was because power came on and that meant that the kids could watch a movie.  I had no idea that they had a television and DVD player.  So, now I know next time to bring down a bunch of kids DVD’s for them.  They love Tom and Jerry!  But tonight, they were watching “Matilda” and jockeying for position to sit next to me.  It was cute.

After waiting and waiting for the longest time, the food was finally ready…at 7:30 PM!  I hadn’t eaten since 8 o’clock that morning.  And I couldn’t even eat the food that the kids had for the party because of the way that it was being prepared.  I just can’t take a chance anymore of getting sick from eating street food and such.  So, I was just basically waiting for the food to be ready so that the kids could eat and then so that I could go back to the Global Outreach Mission Base down the street and score dinner from one of my missionary friends there.

I had a wonderful meal (homemade pizza and sweet tea…YUM) and had a great time hanging out with some friends.  I invited the women and their children there to come to the orphanage the next day to hang out with the kids.  They were very excited to go.  So, Day 3 was an incredible day.  I so much enjoyed spending time at the orphanage and getting to know the children.  I was also so excited about the fact that we are now overseeing the orphanage.  It is an incredible privilege and great responsibility.  I am so excited to see how the Lord is going to provide.  He is already providing in such amazing ways.