A practical opportunity to demonstrate true religion…

The verse in James 1:27 that states, “True religion that is pleasing to God our Father is this, to look after orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep ones self unspotted from the world.” was the verse that God used to lead us to move to Haiti as missionaries to minster to the orphaned and at-risk children and share with them the hope that is found in Jesus.  It is still one of the main verses that drives our mission and vision.  And we know that what we’re doing really is pleasing to God our Father…and that alone makes every sacrifice involved worth the while.

And many of you are also experiencing the joy of being part of living out James 1:27.  Some of you are supporting missionaries financially, some of you are praying regularly for those ministering to the orphans, and some are sponsoring a child.  Together, we do work as the body of Christ.  Thank you for all you have done.

To those of you who desire to live out James 1:27 for the first time, or to those who want to go deeper in living out this verse on a daily basis, I present you with an opportunity:

I want to introduce you to Marie.  Marie is a single Haitian woman who is trying to do her part of James 1:27 by being the direct care taker of 7 children whom are not even her own.  These are orphaned children whom she has taken in to her home to help care for.  I am humbled by such sacrifice.  Marie is poor.  She cannot even effectively care for her self, yet she has taken in these kids because she knows that they had absolutely nobody to care for them.  Yes, to me, Marie is quite the example of James 1:27.

Five of the seven children in her home are children that are part of our sponsorship program.  They are the Rene children:  Bertine, Bergina, Abraham, Flone, and Didine…all under 12 years old.  These kids, with the exception of Flone, have been sponsored.  They are now attending school, receiving a daily nutritious meal, and having opportunity for healthy growth and development.  Marie is so happy that “her” children are now receiving such opportunity.  I was visiting with her in her home last week in Haiti and had a good time talking to her and encouraging her in the Lord.  I was blessed to hear how the kids are doing.

The only problem is this:

This is where Marie lives with all of the Rene children…in this tent!  This should not be.  Just a few months ago, she was living in a basic 2 room Haitian home, but could not afford the rent, so she was forced out and now is living in this tent with 7 children, 4 of which are being sponsored.

I shared the fact that this woman is living in a tent in a previous post, and a woman who is sponsoring one of these children wrote to me and said that she would like to help get this woman into a home.  So, my question is:  Who else would like to help get this woman out of this tent and into a home?  It will cost about $500 – $600 for a year’s rent.  To many of us, that is not that big of a deal.  But to a single Haitian woman caring for 7 children, it is sometimes impossible.

So, I am asking those of you who feel led by God to help out in this matter.  It would not take a whole lot, yet it will make a world of difference to this woman and the 7 orphaned children living with her.

If you want to help, please click on the “Donate to our Ministry” link and follow the instructions.  Make sure that your payment is marked for Account 3015 Cody and Maria Whittaker.  But you MUST also contact me via email or comment here and let me know how much money you have donated for this purpose.  That is the ONLY way that I will know to take your donation and use it for this specific purpose.  If you just make a donation and do not contact me, then I will not know that your donation was intended for this specific purpose.  Help me be a good steward of God’s resources by letting me know how much you have given to help Marie and these 7 kids get into a home.

Living out James 1:27 definitely requires sacrifice…but oh what joy there is knowing that God our Father is pleased with such sacrifice.  Thanks so much for being involved.

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